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Best Winter Vacation Destinations

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Best Winter Vacation Destinations

Want to know the best winter vacation destinations 2010? Well, this article will tell you all the best winter destinations in US and the world over. Read on.

It's winter and it's time for some winter vacations and trips, isn't it? For this very reason, we bring to you the 9 best winter vacation spots in US and the world over. These are the best destinations for a winter vacation you will find this year. 

People are often confused whether winter destinations are where you can enjoy the cold and the snow or where you can enjoy some sun away from the cold. We bring to you the best of both worlds. Now, don't waste time and choose one of these winter destinations as soon as possible and go have the vacation of your life.

Best Winter Vacation Destinations

Hawaiian Islands and Cruises

Oooo! The beaches of Hawaii. From the amazing feeling of being secluded to the thrills of watching active volcanoes, there is nothing one would like to miss on the Hawaii beaches. One of the perfect winter vacations where absolutely nothing can be missed. Do you know the best Hawaiian island to visit? For me it's Maui. The Maui attractions are simply unbeatable and one of the best vacation spots in Hawaii. Hawaii is considered to be one of those place that a person must visit at least once in his lifetime. This state is entirely an archipelago and surprisingly also has a royal palace, which does not exist anywhere else in the entire United States. All the islands of Hawaii are formed as a result of volcanic activity. There are a lot of islands you can visit in Hawaii and thus, using a Hawaii travel guide, you should plan your trip well in advance.

Caribbean Islands

With some really spectacular islands to choose from, the Caribbean islands don't only offer variety, but also an extensive list of places you can visit. From watching underwater volcanoes, to scuba diving to going on some really exotic cruises, there is nothing you would want to miss. Whether you are planning a honeymoon, a romantic getaway or a simple family winter vacation, this place is one of the perfect options. Decide whether you want to visit the Western or Eastern Caribbean islands and start planning in advance. Dominica, Puerto Rico, United States Virginia Islands, St. Maarten, Barbados and Grand Cayman Island are the must-see islands. Don't forget to check out some Caribbean cruises and other tourist attractions such as submarine rides and rain forest hiking.

Mediterranean Islands

With more than a hundred islands to choose from, the Mediterranean islands are the perfect place to be and one of the best winter destinations in Europe. You don't only get to visit more islands but more countries too. There are some islands that are yet not known by many people and these are the ones that don't attract much crowd. So, if you are looking for a quiet vacation spot, this might just be the vacation for you. From Turkey to Spain to Italy, the diversity in these islands cannot be found anywhere else. Majorca, Cyprus, Sicily, Euboea, Lesbos, Rhodes, Corfu, Ibiza and Malta are few of the most famous Mediterranean Islands. In the Mediterranean Sea, the Kornati archipelago are the densest archipelago with approximately 140 islands or more. This archipelago is located around the north of Dalmatia.

Mexican Riviera

Mexican Riviera are approximately twenty cities, beaches and lagoons along the Mexican coast and the name stand collectively for all. Most of the cities are famous destinations among winter cruises. The extensive coastline, the availability of different beaches and the surrounding culture and monuments make Mexico a very good option among the best winter vacation destinations and spots. Cabo San Lucas, Cacun, Ensenada, Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta are a must see among the places included in the Mexican Riviera. Apart from these beaches, the Mexican culture is waiting to intrigue you as well. With some beautiful Mexican festivals and the way of life in general, this is the place to be this winters. You also have some archaeological sites which you can check out till you are there.


The Maldives or The Republic of Maldives is again an island nation which consists of the famous 26 atolls. A favorite destination among many Africans and Indians, especially after the Maldives islands sinking news, this island country is famous for its quiet and serene beauty and beaches. Located in the Laccadive Sea, below India, the Maldive islands are surely of the best vacation destinations among the Asians. A lot of movies have been shot there, given the naturally calm and serene locations in and around the islands. It is the smallest Asian country in respect to both the area and population. Though the largest economic industry in this country is tourism, it began and flourished relatively late here with its first resort opening in the 1970s. The beaches of this country are considered one of the finest for recreational scuba diving.

Kerala Backwaters

This state in India holds many records but one. For one, this state has the highest literacy rate in the entire country. Second, it also holds the 'least corrupted state' badge in the country. Third, Kerala has been one state whose history has been earliest recorded. Apart from these accolades and from the tourist perspective, Kerala has much more to offer. Known globally for its Kathakali dance form and backwater boat rides, Kerala truly is God's own country. With beautiful beaches and exotic hill stations, there is nothing one can afford to miss. The backwater boat rides are an experience of their own. Considered as one of the best winter vacation destinations, this is a place one surely would love to be in Christmas vacations. If you are lucky enough, you might even get to witness some boat ride competitions held there and stay in some luxurious house boats.

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most famous winter destinations in the whole of South Africa. You can visit the famous Table mountain. False Bay, Atlantic Seaboard and West Coast are the three regions in which the Cape peninsula is divided. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is the city's most visited tourist spot offering a lot of options in entertainment and shopping. It is situated between Table Mountain and Robben Island. This city also has the highest number of Cape Dutch style buildings around the globe, something you can experience in respect to the culture in South Africa. Another site worth at least one visit is the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Whale watching is another common tourist activity that you can indulge in wherein different types of whales are seen throughout the year. Apart from these, there are many other sightseeing options available in Cape Town that will make this city one of the best winter vacation spots.

Australian Outback

If you are looking for a lot of adventure this winters, the Australian Outback is one of the best destinations for a winter vacation, brought to you by Australian tourism. Covering a huge area in the country, the Australian Outback is home to many tourist destinations. A few of the famous ones to check out for are the Alice Springs, Kakadu National Park, Kings Canyon, Mount Isa, Mount Augustus National Park, Mac Donnell Ranges, Tenant Creek and many more. There is also a World Heritage site in Riversleigh where fossil remains of Australian animals are found from ancient ages. Most places in the outback are accessible through train and air. The Australian Outback trip will require lots of planning as traveling through the inner most and remote areas is not that easy. There are several cases of breakdowns and deaths. This vacation though very adventurous and exciting, has its own risks.

Exotic Egypt

Doesn't the entire world already know how exotic this trip is? The Pyramids of Egypt can comprise entirely of your trip to Egypt. Then you also have the winter cruises on the river Nile that are famous tourist attractions today. Apart from these, the general desert safaris are also said to be equally exotic. They say that you should visit Egypt at least once in your lifetime. The must-see tourist destinations in Egypt are the great pyramid of Giza, The Great Sphinx, The Hanging Church of Cairo, Mosque of Muhammad Ali (Cairo), El-Tabia Mosque in Aswan and national parks such as Elba National Park and Ras Muhammad. You should also plan a tour of the various oasis in Egypt and the White Desert in Farafra. This is one winter vacation you will remember for life. And yes, don't even think of missing the Karnak Temple Complex.

Now that you know most of the top 10 best winter vacation destinations, it's time you plan your vacation. Make sure you plan well in advance and make the most out of it. This article gave you all types of destinations to choose from, isn't it? From the adventurous Australian Outback to the exotic Egypt, you can pick any destination this winter. Have a safe trip. Happy Journey! 


By Neha Joshi

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