4 Day Work-Week British Companies are Giving their Workers

Businesses in the United Kingdom are trying out a four-day work week for employees. The goal is to monitor if this enhances employee work productivity and being happier at work. The pay for the workers will be the same with that four-day work schedule as it would be for the traditional 5-day 40-hour schedule.

More than 33,000 will be participating across 70 companies. Companies participating are from restaurants to business and technology sectors. The ‘4 Day Week Global’, a nonprofit organization is leading the pilot program. Cambridge University, Oxford, and Boston University will be participating in the research.

In an interview with NBC News, Juliet Schor, an economist, and sociologist at Boston College said, “The preliminary data is that it has really positive changes on stress levels, burnout, physical and mental health, overall life satisfaction, and reduction in working time.

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