5 Secret Fitness Tips Shared By Personal Trainers In Hollywood



From the red carpet to Instagram, celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum keep us wondering how they’re always killing it in the hot bod department. The secret lies in working out with a personal trainer and following their advice on achieving a flawless physique. While many of us won’t be walking down on the runway anytime soon, it doesn’t hurt to seek some expert advice; after all, we’re the celebs of our lives!

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  1. Water rules all

Many of us have heard about the many benefits of drinking eight glasses of water a day to flush out unnecessary toxins from our systems but according to celeb trainers, it’s much more crucial than that. Water helps keep our bodies in prime shape, and they recommend drinking at least half a gallon every single day.

  1. Green tea

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Green tea enhances metabolism, and the caffeine improves endurance, which helps you in working out for extended time periods. Green tea is an excellent alternative to other caffeine options such as coffee, which has loads of caffeine but none of green tea benefits.

  1. Abs are made with the proper diet

While V-ups and planks are a great way to tone your midsection, eating poorly will sabotage all the hard work you put in your workout. If you eat healthily, then you don’t need to kill yourself working out at all hours in the gym. Working out three to four times a week is enough if you’re eating clean and healthy.


  1. Do it with plyometrics

There are many options for sweating it out, ranging from yoga to kickboxing, but when looking for something when you’re short on time, some physical exercises are more suited than others. Combining weighted squats with plyometrics or high-intensity heart rate workouts will give you an astonishing burn in less than 10 minutes compared to other alternatives.

  1. Sleep is underrated

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Working out and eating right are the super essentials steps in reaching your fitness goals but all of this is futile if you’re stressed. Stress inhibits our bodies from burning fat, so peaceful, relaxing sleep is the key to staying in your best shape. So next time you sleep in just remember that it was all for fitness.

There are no short-cuts when it comes to fitness, so don’t try to achieve results overnight. Stick with it and with the time you will be the envy of your social circle where people flock to you for inside secrets to your fitness.

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