73 Democrats Sponsor Resolution to Expel GOP Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress: Greene Calls It a War on Republican Women

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On Friday, California Democratic Rep. Jimmy Gomez will introduce a resolution to expel Majorie Taylor Greene from Congress. So far, 73 Democrats have signed it. This had been reported earlier by Forbes although there was no date line on its introduction. The agency had said that Gomez’ efforts had attracted quite a few prominent signatories.


As expected Greene reacted sharply with tweets on Thursday. She said that the House Democrats had declared war on the House Republicans and they were threatened by strong Republican women. In her tweets she also asked for funds posting “Chip in now!”


She also linked Georgia Republican’s donation page in another tweet while exclaiming that she’s been expelled by Congress in Nancy Pelosi’s America.


Marjorie Taylor Green is known to be a QAnon supporter and has floated a huge number of conspiracy theories. Despite being asked to, she has not taken them down. She was expelled from House committees a few weeks ago for her unbecoming language and rhetoric.


Forbes has said that there is nothing to connect Greene’s recent activities with the tabling of the resolution. Gomez has been considering it from a while and has also been sending out feelers to the Republicans to gauge their mood.


Most of the Republicans are dismayed by her behavior but are afraid of the fallout as they fear that they could be threatened or face retribution. She has the support of the former president Donald Trump and the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. However, the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has condemned her actions.


This week she voted against a resolution that proposed giving Congressional Gold Medals to those who protected the Capitol in the January 6 riot. One medal was given to the Capitol Police, the second was given to the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington D.C. and the third was given to the Smithsonian Museum where it would be displayed with a plaque that listed all the enforcement agencies that were involved.


Instead she co-sponsored another resolution with Rep. Louie Gohmert that did not mention the attack on the Capitol though it listed the names of the Capitol Police officers who died in the aftermath of the riot.

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