Accused Michigan shooter said violent drawings were for video game



The accused Michigan shooter, who killed four students and injured seven, had told counselors that the violent drawings that he had made before the shooting were for a video game, according to a letter released on Saturday that was published by WXYZ.

On Saturday, Tim Thorne, who is the Oxford Community Schools superintendent, released a detailed letter of the school’s version of the incidents that lead to the fatal shooting, last Tuesday at Oxford High School.

Thorne thanked the teachers, students, staff and first responders for their actions on that fateful day. He announced that they had requested for a third-party investigation into the alleged shooter’s communications with students and staff, before the incident took place.

It also explained the November 30 meeting of Ethan Crumbley with the counselors and said that “at no time did the counselors believe that the student might harm others based on his behavior, responses and demeanor, which appeared calm.”

The letter said that “despite media reports, whether or not the gun was in his backpack” had not been confirmed by law enforcement, according to their knowledge. The letter said that their investigation had also not confirmed the matter “at this time.”

The letter also noted that the student’s parents never mentioned that they had bought a gun, when they were at the school as they had been called to discuss the violent drawings that Ethan had been making in class. He was sent back to class after his parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley said that they would not take him home.

The letter also stated that the incidents with the student had not been elevated to the level of the principal or assistant principal and were at the guidance counselor level. He said that although there was anger and confusion, their counselors had made a judgement based on their professional training.


The letter also mentioned that the student claimed that the violent drawing was part of a video game that he was designing. He told the counselors that he wanted to become a video game designer. Later, Ethan Crumbley shot and killed four students at Oxford High School and injured seven people, with a 9mm Sig Sauer that had been bought by his dad at a local gun shop on Black Friday. His mom described the gun as a “new Christmas present” for her son, on social media.

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