Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)  is placing cameras inside its delivery vehicles making drivers feel nervous


Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)  is placing cameras inside its delivery vehicles. The cameras will view the road as well as the drivers. It is meant to provide safety, monitor drivers and how they handle daily deliveries. Some drivers are concerned and feel if they make a mistake their job will be on the line.

The company’s existing driver monitoring system app called Mentor. The app records if a driver is speeding, breaking and monitors distractions a driver may experience on the road. This already makes employees on edge as it is, and they say the app is not 100% accurate.

AI-powered driver monitoring systems report collision reductions of more than 50%, but there is still not enough researched data on the percentage.

These apps are also in place to protect drivers such when a crime occurs. Of course, drivers are carrying valuable merchandise to be delivered and there’s always a risk of a robbery. In the case of a crash, the app can be used to the driver’s advantage showing that the collision was not their fault.

The  apps can record what’s happening and could be used for law enforcement to capture the perpetrators.

But just like companies like ups FedEx and DHL have been using driving apps that monitor driving for driver for many years.


In other news, Amazon is opening a new  fulfillment center in the Jersey Shore area. It’s taking over the Sears location that closed in 2018  at the at the Monmouth County Ocean Township Mall  at the Seaview Square Shopping Center.  The Amazon warehouse has 93,000-square feet of space. New jobs will be created to the area.


22-year veteran Amazon SVP Jeff Blackburn, one of CEO Jeff Bezos’ top advisors, is leaving the company. Blackburn also led the  company’s Prime Studios division. Amazon has also lost consumer chief Jeff Wilke.

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