Amazon will pay customers up to $1,000 for products sold by third-party sellers that caused damage or personal injury.

Customer satisfaction has always been important to Amazon. The company announced Tuesday that it will deal with customer satisfaction itself an Amazon will now  go after companies if a  third-party seller  is  unresponsive compensating customers with  valid claims. The change will take effect  September 1 for all products sold on its website.

Amazon said it will “address the immediate customer concern, bear the cost ourselves, and separately pursue the seller.” If the seller rejects the claim, Amazon said it might step in to help address the problem pay up to $1,000 at no cost to the seller.

“This streamlined process will save time, money, and effort for both customers and sellers,” Amazon said about its new “A-to-z Guarantee.” That represents a shift from the current process of having buyers contact sellers directly about problems.

There have been many complaints from customer about faulty items being sold on Amazon. A lawsuit was filed “Oberdorf v. Amazon,” about whether Amazon would be or can be held for damages for items sold by 3rd party sellers on its website.

Amazon (AMZN) said in its terms and services, “If you purchase any of the products or services offered by these businesses or individuals, you are purchasing directly from those third parties, not from Amazon,” according to its conditions of use. “Amazon does not assume any responsibility or liability for the actions, product, and content of all these and any other third parties.”.

Amazon  will now be assuming some of that liability.



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