Amazon Workers Protest in Front of Jeff Bezos House with a Guillotine

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After hearing about Jeff Bezos massive run-up in net worth, protest protesters took to the stage in front of Jeff Bezos home the protest about their wages. The workers were concerned with PPE equipment hazard pay, and a request for a $30 for hourly workers. Jeff Bezos wealth was valued at more than 200 billion dollars exceeding Bill Gates worth of 114 billion dollars.


In other news Etsy CEO Josh Silverman fumes over Amazon backing of a California consumer protection Bill AB 3262 claiming this bill would hurt companies that compete with Amazon. CEO Josh Silverman of  Etsy said this is just another ploy for Amazon to wipe out its competitors.

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman accuses Amazon a backing the AB 3262 Bill to wipe out other competitors in the marketplace.AB 3262 will hold online marketplaces  with the same liability as brick-and-mortar stores. eBay and Etsy opposed the bill stating this will hurt small businesses selling products online making it a legal disaster for them.

AB 3262, as amended, Mark Stone. Product liability: electronic retail marketplaces.

:Existing law imposes strict liability upon persons who place a defective product on the market, including retailers engaged in the business of distributing goods to the public, for injuries caused by the product. Existing law exempts a manufacturer or seller from liability, except as provided, in any action for injury or death caused by a product, other than an action based on a manufacturing defect or breach of an express warranty, if the product is inherently unsafe and the product is known to be unsafe by the ordinary consumer who consumes the product with the ordinary knowledge common to the community and the product is a common consumer product intended for personal consumption, as specified.This bill would require an electronic retail marketplace, as defined, to be held strictly liable, subject to certain exceptions, for all damages caused by defective products placed into the stream of commerce to the same extent as a retailer.” Source: California Legislature

If  AB 3262 passes, online Marketplace platforms will be liable for defective and counterfeit goods sold on their platform. Amazon lost a California Appeal after a consumer bought a battery for a laptop that gave her third degree burns. She purchased this from a third-party seller Lenoge Technology HK Ltd on the Amazon Marketplace.

Third parties make up approximately 60% of sales on Amazon. The Amazon platform has a plethora of counterfeit, goods that have expired and that are unsafe for the consumer. Additionally, it has been blasted for many fake reviews that sellers have paid people to help boost their online reputations. Regulators grilled Jeff Bezos in the July hearing before the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee about Amazon inappropriately using data from third-party sellers to compete , then manufacturing the same goods within its own marketplace.

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