Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Asked to Raise Wages, Pay More Taxes By 400 Politicians Worldwide


Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has been asked to clean up his act as a global citizen to raise wages and to pay taxes by 400 politicians worldwide in a letter written to the company.

 The leaders say that the world “knows that Amazon can afford to pay its workers, its environmental cost and its taxes,” but the company has “dodged and dismissed its debts to workers, societies and the planet,” according to a report in The Independent.

 Amazon and Bezos’ wealth has dramatically increased during the pandemic as online sales have skyrocketed. Lockdowns and the work-from-home culture have forced people indoors and shut down traditional retail businesses.

 They demand that Amazon must raise its workers pay in all warehouses. They want the company to commit to zero emissions by 2030. Amazon’s carbon footprint is greater than two-thirds of the world’s countries. They also want the company to ensure transparency over the privacy and use of its customers’ data.

 According to the report, Amazon’s employees, enter dangerous working conditions, enjoy little or no increase in pay, and face retaliation for their efforts to defend themselves and organize their colleagues.

 Amazon has been named as a tax dodger.

 Through global tax dodging, you damage the public provision of health, education, housing, social security and infrastructure, the letter states.

 Amazon replied in a statement to The Independent, “While as a large company we welcome scrutiny from policymakers, the matters raised in this letter stem from a series of misleading assertions by misinformed or self-interested groups who appear to be using Amazon’s profile to further their individual causes.”

 Source Fox Business

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