Americans prefer Democratic reforms, oppose voting restrictions GOP Texas style


Voting rights have been occupying center stage as Republican states continue to pass restrictive voting rights bills despite Democratic opposition. The latest bill passed by Texas was done without a single Democrat in the House as they fled to Washington DC to avoid the Texan vote. A new poll by Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that the Democratic Party’s plan to safeguard voting access is more popular with Americans when compared with the restrictions that are proposed and legalized by the GOP – Texas style.


The poll reported the following:


  • 49 percent Americans favor a Democratic plan that allows at least 15 consecutive days of early voting before federal elections. 21 percent opposed the move.
  • 31 percent Americans approve the Republican plan to shorten the early or absentee voting period while 47 percent oppose such efforts.


The poll also reported that only 28 percent of Americans, Republicans say that “the election was rigged and stolen from Trump.” A larger number of Americans — 45 percent said that it was a bigger problem  and that people who should be allowed to vote were not being allowed to vote.  People voting who shouldn’t be allowed to vote  got 39 percent of the polled vote.


Voting rights have also become highly polarized in America. Only 16 percent of the Republicans say that Biden won the elections “fair  and square.” Only 11 percent say that curbing legal voting is a bigger  issue than widespread fraud, although the Brennan Center conducted extensive research that showed that voting fraud was a “myth.”


Most of the GOP restrictions are favored by only 36 percent of Americans. Considering a 12-point margin those  surveyed said:


  • they did not support making it harder for voting by mail by 8 points and were not in favor of banning or decreasing mail ballot drop boxes
  • they did not favor shortening the early or absentee period by 15 points
  • they did not support giving more power to partisan observers or police polling places by 8 points
  • they did not favor the idea of making it harder to vote early in person by 40 points.


Independents also opposed all these measures by similar margins. This poll shows that Democrats have a more favorable voting plan, but they lack the required votes in the Senate to pass the plan and they also don’t have strong public support that could force those votes.

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