Angelina Jolie mentions Harvey Weinstein, Fears of her Children’s Safety And Custody Battle with Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie was recently interviewed by The Guardian on her new book Know Your Rights and Claim Them to be published in collaboration with Amnesty International. She spoke about the book, her difficult encounters with Harvey Weinstein and the custody battle with her ex-Brad Pitt.


She spoke of her book and her work with displaced people in


  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Sierra Leone.


She also said that the last five years had been tough and her divorce with Brad Pitt left her feeling “broken.” She said that she decided to work on the book after her personal experiences but also said that she could not say much about it as there were legal issues.


She said that she had not made the decision lightly and it took a lot for her to separate from the father of her children. She also mentioned that she could not comment on the domestic abuse. When asked if she had felt fear about the safety of her children, she responded “Yes.” However, she also said that she wanted the entire family including their dad, Brad Pitt “to heal” and to “be peaceful” as they would always be a family.


Earlier, she had mentioned the sexual harassment she faced when she worked with the now  disgraced but one-time powerful Harvey Weinstein, in a New York Times report published in October.  She had alleged that Weinstein had made “unwanted advances” in a hotel room, and she had rejected them during the release of Playing by Heart in the late nineties.


In the new interview with the Guardian, she opened up with more details stating that the disgraced Hollywood producer’s advances were much more than a “pass” and she had to physically escape from him. She said that both of her former husbands: Jonny Lee Miller and Brad Pitt knew about the incident. She said that Jonny was “great” about it and spread the word.


She said that she refused to work in The Aviator because Harvey Weinstein was involved in the project and she “never associated or worked with him again.” However, Brad Pitt worked with Weinstein, and it was hard on her. She said that they fought about it and “it hurt.”


Agencies have reached out to Brad Pitt’s representatives but have not received a response, as yet.


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