Anti-vax mother of 3, posted ‘not afraid of COVID’, dies of COVID-19 at 29

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Bridget Jackson who frequently posted against COVID protocols and precautions, has succumbed to a COVID-19 infection. The 29-year old mother of three died on December 21. She had been hospitalized after she caught the infection in November. The Michigan woman was against masks as well as vaccines.

According to her obituary, Bridget Jackson worked at a car dealership. She spent most of her life in Burton, Michigan. According to a report in the Daily Mail, it also said that her greatest love was her family. She enjoyed camping and traveling with them. Her world revolved around her children. She also like to read.

Bridget Jackson was from Port Huron, Michigan. She often posted on COVID on Facebook and took a stance against both masks and vaccines. She shared both posts and memes on the social media networks. However, in late November she got a COVID-19 infection and was hospitalized.

On December 1, she posted that “Covid sucks.” Twenty days later she passed away from a COVID-19 infection. Earlier on November 28, she asked friends to tell her about “lung exercises” that could help strengthen lungs.

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In October, Bridget’s grandfather Bob Jackson passed away. He had COVID-19. In November, she contracted a COVID infection. On November 22, she asked everyone to keep her in their prayers.

In early September, she posted that just because people like her “don’t wear a mask” it didn’t mean that they lacked common courtesy or that they didn’t respect others. She added that they believed that “your fear is your issue.”

In early August, Bridget Jackson posted that just because “someone” was not afraid of COVID, it did not mean that that he or she did not believe in it. According to her, it meant that he or she understood the risk but did not “prioritize fear over life.”

Bridget Jackson leaves behind a fiancé Eric Maitland and three children—daughter Grace Mass and sons Alexander Mass and James Maitland.

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