Apple redesigns its online App Store with a new layout and dedicated tab


On Tuesday, the Apple App store was down for an hour. When it came back online… Viola! There was a new design. The new design included a new look and a dedicated tab placed on its top-level navigation. There are several images and links on the top level which take the customer to different product lines.


The product lines on top of the page include Mac, iPhones, iPads, AirPods and more. These links take a customer to new dedicated Store pages for each of these products. These pages show the following:


  • The models that are available in the store.
  • Resources available such as shopping guides and accessories and support.


The main Store page has sections such as:


  • What’s new
  • Links to support pages and more


The new design has cards, similar to the earlier Apple Store app for iOS. It is also mobile friendly as you can smoothly scroll horizontally between cards, just like you scroll on your mobile. In the desktop version, you may need to tap on the site surface arrows.


The Apple App Store update has no updates on new products. It is similar to old wine in a new bottle or a fresh coat of paint with card designs that conceal the same old interiors. The buying pages are the same as before.


When you choose “Buy” for a product through the store interface, you are taken to a standard purchase page. This page can be accessed through any of the categories such as


  • Mac
  • iPad
  • iPhone or
  • Watch


This fall Apple is expected to release three new products according to rumors. They could be:


  1. iPhone 13
  2. New AirPods
  3. New MacBook Pros.


The return of the Store tab on Apple’s newly designed App Store has made it easier for customers to reach the product they want to purchase  without navigating through various product pages for each device as they can easily find the “Buy” button. Perhaps Apple has launched a new store design to amplify these new products that may or may not launch this fall so that customers easily buy not only their old but also their new devices.


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