As guns sales soar, ammo can’t keep pace: America faces bullet shortages

As the pandemic continues to soar, there is social unrest as well as an increase in crime across the nation. As a result, many Americans have bought guns, a majority of whom are first time buyers. However, it had led to a shortage in ammunition as manufacturers are unable to keep up with the increased demand. Imports of ammunition have also increased. Yet, there is a shortage due to the sheer numbers of guns requiring ammunition.

Those who have enough ammunition:

The US military has enough ammunition as the Army produces its own ammunition for all the branches of military according to an Army spokesperson, Justine Barati.

The US Shooting Team had enough ammunition for practice sessions though membership and junior programs faced difficulties according to CEO for USA Shooting Team, Matt Suggs. Team USA won four medals for shooting at the Tokyo Olympics.

The US Biathlon team has sufficient ammunition supplied by its sponsor Lapua, which is made in Finland. The team is training for the February 2022 Winter Olympics.

Those who are facing shortages:

The police academy in Washington is facing shortages according to Doug Tangen, firearms instructor at the academy.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer Larry Hadfield said that the department was facing shortages.

First time gun buyers are unable to train in gun ranges to shoot properly as the ranges and instructors have insufficient ammunition.

Shooters and hunters are facing shortages as gun supply stores say that they have insufficient stocks and are unable to get more. Some stores have shut down while others are limiting sales of ammo per person.

Local shooting clubs are facing shortages, and this is affecting their members as well as the training programs conducted by them.

Manufacturers of ammunition are saying that they are producing at full capacity. The demand has also increased due to the huge increase in sales of guns. Some people have reportedly hoarded ammunition. Imports from Russia, South Korea, the European Union and other countries have also increased. However, there is currently still a shortage of ammunition available across the nation and a huge backlog in deliveries.


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