Attendee at Iowa Trump Rally comments on ‘Civil War’, hashtag goes viral on Twitter

On Sunday, a top trending topic was ‘Civil War.’ In case you wondered why an incident that took place centuries ago went viral, it was a result of remarks of an attendee of Trump’s rally in Iowa on Saturday. The attendee told a news outlet that her belief was that the nation was headed towards a “civil war.”

On Saturday, Donald Trump was at the Fairground in Des Moines at a rally, with supporters. A supporter told spoke to MSNBC and remarked on air that she believed that the U.S. was heading towards a civil war.

She criticized both the Democrats and the Republicans. The ardent Trump supporter said his loyalists including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and a few more whose names she didn’t mention were “worth their salt” and the rest were “as weak as” they could possibly be “in Congress.”

As expected there were quite a few hilarious memes depicting Trump supporters and his supposed army. There were more than 76,000 tweets by Sunday afternoon. Many posts openly made fun of his supporters. They also poked fun as they compared them to “soldiers.”

There were other opinions on her comments as many people replied to her sentiments with some people seriously commenting on it. These tweets focused on the national divide in the nation which seems to be increasing from 2016 onwards.

Media persons posted their opinions. One spoke of the possibility of violence by some supporters which was not been taken seriously. It should be remembered that the Make America Great Again (MAGA) protesters had stormed the Capitol on January 6, just over nine months ago and took the nation by surprise while another said if there was a Civil War the Blue States would not fight this time around if the Red states wanted to leave and would give them a “check out time.

The Brookings Institute reported in September that a civil war is unlikely. However, many Americans think that such a conflict could take place in future. About 46 percent said that an actual war was possible and 43 percent said that it was unlikely.

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