Baldwin Shooting Hutchins Update: Alec Baldwin rejects allegations of noncooperation with Rust probe


On Saturday, Alec Baldwin posted a lengthy video on Instagram. He strongly refuted allegations that he was not cooperating with authorities probing the shooting that took place during the filming of the Western movie Rust, where Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot with a Colt revolver that had been handed to him by assistant director David Halls who called it a “cold gun.” Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was supposed to have loaded it with blanks but there was a live round which killed cinematographer Halyna and injured director Joel Souza, who has recovered since.

Police had issued a search warrant for Baldwin’s cellphone on December 16, according to a report in BBC News. They said that it could have texts, images, videos or calls related to the production of the movie that might be related to Hutchins death. They have not as yet got the mobile device.

In the video, Baldwin said that any suggestions that he was “not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants” about his “phone” was called as “bulls**t ” by him. He also called it a “lie.” He said that the authorities in New Mexico, where the movie Rust was shot should go through the state of New York, where he lives, to get his cellphone.


Baldwin also said that it was a process that took time. The authorities had to “specify exactly what” they wanted. He said that they couldn’t just go through his phone and take his “photos” or his love letters” to his wife or other information. He also said that of course, they were one thousand percent “going to comply with all that.”

Baldwin also said that the best way and the only way to honor Halyna Hutchins death was to find out the truth. The 63-year old actor also said that he was “working towards, insisting on demanding that the organizations” that were involved in the investigation would do “everything in their power to find out what really happened.”

Alec Baldwin had said that he had not pulled the trigger. The fatal accident at “Rust” has been mired in controversy. Lawsuits have been filed. Some set members spoke of negligence and there was reportedly some complacence as well as inexperience in the handling of firearms, according to several reports since the shooting.

BBC News also said that law enforcement officials in New Mexico had asked for assistance from authorities in New York, on Friday, to help them in their efforts to get the 63-year old actor’s phone.

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