Baldwin shooting Hutchins update: Trump suggests ‘troubled’ Baldwin intentionally shot cinematographer


On Thursday, during an interview on “Christ Stigal Show”, a right leaning podcast, former President Donald Trump suggested that Celebrity actor Alec Baldwin had intentionally shot Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer at the Rust set. According to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office as well as cast and crew members including the director after he recovered and the assistant director, Dave Hall, Hall had shouted “cold gun” before handing the gun to the actor.

A “cold gun” means that there’s no live ammo. Dave said so before he handed an antique Colt gun to actor Baldwin. Live ammo in the form a bullet was discharged from the gun and it struck Halyna on the stomach and director Joel Souza on the shoulder. Halyna died while Souza has been discharged from hospital, since.

According to a report by The Wrap, Trump said that “in his opinion” that it was a “weird thing” and “maybe he loaded it”. Trump also said that that “if they handed me a gun, I would never point it at somebody and shoot it”.

He continued floating a conspiracy theory and said that Baldwin was a “troubled guy” and that there was “something wrong with him”. He also mentioned that Baldwin got into fights with reporters and called him a “volatile guy” and a “nut job.”

There has been a history of bad blood between Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin. So, Trump’s comments on Baldwin are unsurprising. The actor has portrayed Trump on Saturday Night Live (SNL) from the 2016 presidential campaign of Trump up to Joe Biden’s win in 2020. His portrayal got good ratings for the NBC late-night series and irked Trump.

The unfortunate incident of the accidental shooting of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust by actor Alec Baldwin gave Trump a chance to take potshots at the actor who has been shattered. Baldwin is reportedly cooperating fully with the investigators.

Source Yahoo, The Wrap

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