Bella Throne comments on Framing Britney Spears documentary; says ‘We’re all really to blame here’


Bella Throne has never shied away from controversy. She has been a role model, standing up against the dark side of the entertainment industry and she does so, once again with her comments on the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary.


The Disney Star condemned the unfair treatment meted out to Spears through the years and said that “we are all part of the problem.” The star sympathized with the singer.


In a recent interview with Fox, Throne spoke of her concern for Britney’s mental wellbeing. She believed that more should be done especially with regard to the singer’s conservatorship. She said that she felt awful about how much Spears had to deal with including a negative media and constant criticism.


She said that everything she saw made her extremely sad and knowing what happened and what was still happening made her realize that “No one really helped her. We’re all really to blame here.”


Bella said that she empathizes with Brittany as her life has also been an emotional rollercoaster. She reflected on her childhood and the pressure that she felt which came as a result of her fame. She said that she knew what it was like, to be constantly looked at, to be judged, even when she was just a little girl.


She spoke of the different kinds of people who came into her life, real people as well as fake people. She was also judged by the public constantly.


She said that several child stars face a lot of ill effects of stardom, but Brittney suffered the most. When asked by Page Six if constantly being under public scrutiny ever got to her and if she ever felt like quitting, the starlet said that she wished she could say no but there were times when she felt about how far she was willing to go and how much mental stability meant to her.


She not only spoke about the constant pressure of the paparazzi and the public but also said that some directors could be more sensitive and give directions to young stars when they have to perform difficult scenes.

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