Biden addresses commemoration of September 11 attacks anniversary with calls of national unity


In a recorded address to the nation, President Joe Biden requested Americans to “never break” unity and it was “what makes us who we are: America at its best.” He also spoke of a personal incident with a childhood friend of his Davis, who lost a son on 9/11 and who had told Biden to tell people “Don’t be afraid” when he was getting ready to address students at the University of Delaware about the new world they were living in.


He said, “To the families of the 2,977 people from more than 90 nations, killed on Sept. 11,2001,…and 1,000 more who were injured, America and the world commemorate you and your loved ones, the pieces of your soul.”


He also said that they honored all the people who gave their all to rescue, recover and rebuild after the horrific incident. Some of those whom he mentioned included


  • firefighters
  • police officers
  • EMTs
  • construction workers
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • faith leaders
  • service members
  • veterans
  • everyday people.


Biden also recollected the “true sense of national unity” that was present in America, in the days following 9/11. He also acknowledged that darker forces of human nature that included fear and anger, resentment and violence were released against Muslim Americans who were true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion.


He continued on the theme of unity saying that although it has bent, it should not break. He said that unity did not mean that everyone believed the same thing. Instead, he said that it required Americans to have “a fundamental respect and faith in each other.”


He also said that the central lesson of September 11 for him was that at their most vulnerable during the push and pull of human nature and the battle for the soul of America — “unity” remained the “nation’s greatest strength.”


The 9/11 terror attack was masterminded by the Al Qaeda and its leader fled to Afghanistan. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan following the attack. Osama bin Laden was finally killed by American Navy Seals on May 2, 2011.

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