Biden Announces $800M Additional Military Aid to Ukraine

President Biden announced that the US will give an additional $800 million in military help to Ukraine, saying that Washington would “speak softly and carry a huge Javelin” – a play on Teddy Roosevelt’s famous motto to refer to Kyiv’s forces’ powerful anti-tank weapons.

The package will comprise 72 155-millimeter Howitzers, 72 vehicles to carry the Howitzers, and 144,000 artillery rounds, according to the Pentagon. More than 121 tactical drones, as well as field equipment and spare parts, will be shipped to Ukraine.

The announcement comes after an $800 million aid package was announced last week, which includes Mi-17 helicopters intended for the Afghan army.

According to Biden, the current wave of supplies would help the Ukrainian military fight off a new Russian attack in the country’s east.

Biden also stated that the announced assistance will use up the majority of the remaining funds available for this purpose. He said he will ask Congress for further financing next week and stated that the sum is under consideration.

The president had a private meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at the White House moments before his statements. They reportedly discussed US assistance in defending Ukraine’s eastern territories after Russian forces withdrew from areas around Kyiv.

The leader also promised a new prohibition on Russian ships docking in the United States, as well as a new refugee campaign for Ukrainians so that they do not have to cross America’s southern border.

With the war going on for almost two months, a few things have come to light, the president said. Putin’s great aspirations on the battlefield have failed. Kyiv is still standing after weeks of shelling. President Zelensky and his democratically elected government are still in power, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the help of many heroic Ukrainian civilians, have successfully repelled Russia’s attacks.

Biden also pledged another $500 million in financial aid to Ukraine’s government on Thursday, more than doubling the US contribution that now totals over $3 billion, since the conflict began on February 24. This sum would be used to strengthen their economy, sustain towns that have been ravaged by Russian aggression, and compensate the heroic workers who continue to deliver important services.

Some US troops are getting ready to teach Ukrainian forces how to handle howitzer artillery systems. The training, however, has yet to commence, according to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby.

(Photo/Credit: President Joe Biden Facebook)

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