Bitcoin billionaire 41, prolific blogger and controversial figure reportedly dead



Mircea Popescu, a bitcoin owner whose cache is reportedly worth over a billion dollars, has reportedly died. The bitcoin pioneer was one of the largest asset holders of the crypto currency. According to the Teletica Spanish website, a foreigner drowned at Playa Hermosa de Garabito, Puntarenas in Costa Rica. The website reported that the victim was a 41-year-old man of Polish origin.


Popescu was popular in Romania and some sites call him a Romanian entrepreneur and blogger. He was one of the early adopters of the crypto currency and was among the pioneers of digital assets. He had an aggressive style and was considered to be a provocative in his blogs. He was also called a bitcoin evangelist.


Popescu was also the founder of MPEx, a “Bitcoin’s securities exchange.” He lost no opportunity to undermine the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as he paved the way for early Bitcoin companies to go public.


However, he was popular in the crypto currency world and was also considered as an influencer. He used to expose bitcoin scams two of which were Ripple and Bitcoin Savings and Trust.


His bigotry, sexism as well as anti-Semitism made him a much-hated figure, while his championing of crypto currency made him stand out as huge influencer in Bitcoin conversations.


In his view, the software of the Bitcoin was of utmost importance, and he was one of its biggest defenders. In all of his thousands of blogposts, many of which are filled with hateful and despicable words and ideologies, one thing that stands outs is his belief in crypto currency.


Popescu’s reported death has been discussed in several crypto circles. Some of them have been wondering about the fate of his crypto currency, whether it will remain as a ghost in the virtual world or will it reach his heirs. At the peak of the crypto wave in April this year, his cache would have been worth two billion dollars. It is currently estimated at a billion dollars.


The Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin mining and trading, the U.S. regulators researching it, and considering taxes on it, the U.K.’s regulators coming down hard on the Binance platform, and Ontario, Canada’s crackdown on crypto is making crypto currency lose its virtual sheen.


Many analysts and other critics of crypto currency have been talking about a “crypto bubble” burst. If his crypto currency fortune dies along with Popescu, will it be the final nail on the crypto coffin?  Alternatively, will the currency limp along for some more time as more and more governments are awakening to the non-regulated issues of crypto currency? Will it ease of use for criminals, ransomware hackers and more?

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