10 Essential Tips to Up your Email Marketing Game

Marketing can be tricky. Email marketing is even trickier. Here are 10 tips that can ease your journey into the Email Marketing world.

1. Have a catchy subject line

Having a catchy subject line is imperative to grab the attention of any reader. Ensure that your Header is popping out, highlighting the essence of our email, yet not boring and drab.
(bonus tip- use preheader to increase the length of your subject line)

2. Personalize every email with the reader’s name and company

Personalizing emails here doesn’t mean entering every email manually. Use Automation tools like MailChimp, GrowMeOrganic, or HubSpot to have a ready draft and a list of names. It’ll do the job for you, for free; no manual labor.

3. Ask yourself, “Is the content providing value”

“Would I actually buy what I’m currently selling?” is a question every sales and marketing person must ask themself. If not, what can you do to make your product/service something worth buying? Add those points to your email. Make sure you think that it’s worth investing in.

4. Put the reader’s interest first

Instead of constantly promoting your product in sales-y ways, highlight the customer’s needs, problems, and efficient ways they can be resolved. your product/ service.
For Example- “Amazon is a wonderful brand that now has 1-day delivery options. Buy now to avail of the offer!”

You may not want to go down this path. On the other hand,

“Did your pesky charger stop working again and you have an urgent meeting tomorrow?
We now also do 1-day deliveries for your urgent needs! Most of our products have warranties as well. You know, just in case for next time? :)”

5. Don’t be too generic, maintain a brand voice and identity

Closely examine the latter half of the previous example. Do you notice a difference between the voices of the two examples?
One of them has a generic textbook sales voice while the other has a personality of its own. The emoticon adds an element of human touch.

6. Easy to read content, bold, italic, short sentences, avoid long paragraphs

Having words written in a monotonous fashion, monotonous fonts, and display can bore the reader. The attention span of the common reader is a mere 8 seconds. Having important words in bold and/or italic helps retain the attention span. Similarly, shorter, concise sentences tell more of a story in lesser words. Your longer statements and extensive vocabulary may not do anyone any good. Keep that thesaurus away! Simple language expands your user demographic to a wider level.

7. Mobile-friendly design

As most people write work emails from a laptop/computer, they forget that people commonly check emails from their mobile phones. In fact, Mobile users check emails 3X more frequently than desktop users. Make sure that the email design is mobile friendly as well as device friendly. This applies to ios and android too.

8. Whitelist instructions are important to avoid spam

Here by Whitelisting, we mean, ensuring that the reader has approved of you sending them an email. This can work as subscribing to a free email listing/ newsletter.

9. Include at least 1 Call-To-Action in your email

Call-To-Action or CTA drives the reader to interact with your brand by will. It can be something as simple as clicking on your service list URL or subscribing to your YouTube channel. A common example of a CTA chain that works is-

Email→ Website link in email→ Pop up on your website leading to a consultation call

10. Be mindful of when your Email is being sent

Send out your Emails on days that have more engagement, and time periods that have more engagement. Keep a check on personal as well as average reader insights and incorporate the data to your benefit.

Bonus tip if you made it till the end: Notice the use of a statistic in points 6 and 7 of this article. Statistics help build the credibility of your brand along with your personal opinion.

As important as it is to keep these in mind, one mustn’t forget that Trial and Error is the way to go! Test! Marketing is relative and can work differently for everyone. A/B testing is imperative to any Marketing/ Salesperson. All the best!


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