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    11 Unexpected Things That Might Harm Your Health

    We’ve all heard those pieces of advice that claim that something is bad for our health. Whether it’s the microwave, deep-fried food or snacks, your health is always in danger. However, some things go unnoticed! How can you save and improve your health?

    To save your health, you need to be aware of the influences from your surrounding that aren’t always obvious. Even things done to improve your health can be harmful if not done correctly. So, check out these 11 unexpected things that might harm your health and save your body from unwanted consequences!

    1. Not paying attention to nutrition timing

    Eating healthy food is a healthy life tip you’ve probably heard a million times! You might be consuming everything essential for a healthy life and a nice body, and still not seeing an improvement. What are you doing wrong?

    Did you know that nutrition timing is a thing? For optimal health, taking care of the time you consume different types of nutrients is crucial! So, for instance, make sure to intake plenty of healthy fats with the veggies. That will allow your body to absorb minerals and vitamins better. On top of that, don’t forget about the antioxidants after workouts for speedy muscle recovery.

    2. Forgetting to clean your fridge

    The easiest but most unexpected way to harm your health is by eating the food in your fridge! But it’s your fridge, how can that be bad? Think about the last time you cleaned out the shelves and containers. If it was a long time ago, your fridge is an extremely suitable place for bacteria growth!

    How can you prevent that from happening? Don’t buy too many fresh fruits and veggies. If you’re not planning on eating them in the next couple of days, they can be a suitable ground for bacteria and diseases! That’s why you should clean out expired food and properly wash the shelves and containers as well.  

    3. Diet soda

    Isn’t drinking diet soda better than drinking a regular one? You are wrong! Instead of sugar, diet sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners that can be very harmful to your health. Diet sodas are sometimes linked to obesity and diabetes, which can further lead to poor circulation, dementia or even a stroke! So, how can you prevent that from happening?

    The answer is simple: Avoid drinking the diet soda! Even though drinking soda from time to time won’t do you harm, consuming it in excessive amounts will definitely affect your health. A better and healthier alternative is to drink freshly squeezed fruit juice, or simply, water!

    4. Medications and vitamins

    There’s no harm in taking sleeping pills or pain meds from time to time. Everybody sometimes feels unwell or ill. Therefore, medication can be their only way out. However, don’t let this become a habit. Even though taking artificial vitamins is sometimes recommended, overusing them can have bad effects on your health and money. Did you know that some pills may cause addiction?

    Addiction isn’t the worst consequence of taking pills and vitamins. If used too frequently, meds have effects that can backfire causing a lot of other health problems. Some of them include mood swings, weakened immune system, disbalance of hormones and sleep cycle. Think twice before you swallow a pill for a mild headache!

    5. Harmful cold weather

    Here comes Santa Claus and brings the unexpected harms of cold weather! Not the most exciting thing you’d like to see this winter, isn’t it? Even if you’re the type of person that adores the whiteness of the snow and cold wind on your rosy cheeks, cold weather can be bad for your health.

    This jolly season isn’t as happy for everyone. Lack of sunshine is one of the main causes of a bad mood and even depression! Just like plants, many humans need the warmth of the rays to function properly. So, during winter, try to find other activities that will help you increase the hormones of happiness in your brain.  

    6. Unnoticed mould

    Most of the day we spend at home. If our homes aren’t in a liveable condition, chances are we’ll have health consequences. However, certain things may go unnoticed, yet still, harm your health. One of them is mould. Did you know that many Australian houses contain mould?

    Fungus and mould can seriously endanger your health, especially your lungs and respiratory system. The sole smell of the mould can be dreadful for your household. If you can’t detect a source of the mould, chances are you’ve got a leaking pipe. To prevent further damage, consult reliable Canberra plumbers that will help you sort out any plumbing issue.  

    7. Toxic relationships

    Having a partner and a wide network of friends is an amazing source of support. Close people, such as friends and family can lift you up and support you whenever you need it. On top of that, healthy relationships with other individuals positively affect your mental health. But is everybody your true friend?

    Let’s face it, people who don’t wish you well probably exist. That’s why you need to make a distinction between those who are your true friends no matter what, and those who are not. Toxic relationships based on unconstructive arguments, fighting and gossiping won’t bring you anything well. So, try to eliminate unhealthy relationships from your life.

    8. Social media

    You probably know that social media’s main purpose is to connect people. If you want to spread your social network, the internet is the ideal place to find like-minded people. However, you also know that social media have their downsides as well. How can the internet harm your health?

    People often portray themselves in an unrealistic way, especially online. This may cause many individuals to feel bad about themselves. Believe it or not, envy raises stress hormones, which can lower your immune system making you prone to various illnesses. On top of that, social media can be extremely harmful to your mental health, so use it moderately!  

    9. Sleeping nine or more hours

    You’re probably used to hearing that an inadequate amount of sleep can harm your health. Getting too little sleep can affect your cognitive process and thinking, your heart and be dreadful to your mental health. However, have you ever heard that getting too much sleep can be just as bad?

    If you sleep nine or more hours, chances are you’ll wake up feeling tired. The reason behind that is that you’ve overslept, so your body has now trouble waking up. You’ll probably feel drowsy and incompetent that day. So, if you want to maintain your health, aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

    10. Too much exercise

    Exercising is an important part of many people’s lives. They base their whole day around their workout routines. While exercising is beneficial for your health, too much exercise can indeed harm you!   How can you know if you’re entering an unhealthy exercise zone?

    If you’re becoming obsessed with your workout routine or overly anxious about your training, it might be a sign you’re pressuring yourself too much. For a fit and healthy body follow fitness tips by personal trainers that can help you establish a balanced routine. Exercising isn’t a mandatory part of your life. It’s something you should enjoy!

    11. Desk jobs

    A sedentary lifestyle is a silent killer of our generation. Since most jobs are done on the computer, over the phone and online, many workers rarely have an opportunity to work outside the office. But did you know that sitting a lot can increase your risks of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases?

    That doesn’t mean that you should quit your job. Even though desk jobs have a lot of negative influences on your health and body, they are probably your main source of income. So, instead of quitting, try to find a way to be active during the breaks. Climb the stairs, walk to and around your office and even try doing some light and appropriate office exercises that will shake you up!


    These are only some of the unexpected things that may harm your health if gone unnoticed. Think about your daily activities and the effect they have on your wellbeing, and try to detect whether they are healthy and suitable for your lifestyle. No matter what, always try to improve the quality of your life by taking extra care of your body and mind!


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