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    5 Safe Office Moving Tips for Every Small Business

    Moving up in the business world is an exciting and joyous occasion. Growing out of your old shell and into a new prospect is a transition that many companies strive for. This period is filled with new and expanding horizons, so it’s easy to get swept away and carried away. After all, who would want to look at any negative or boring items at this moment? The practical matter is still at hand as moving from place A to B still requires a bit of time and dedication. There is no time like today, so let’s get started.

    1. Time can be your friend

    Chances are, that you know the exact date when you will or have to move, so any period between now and then is your premium chance to plan, organise and put into action. During this period, you can make a detailed plan for all of your employees. Getting everyone on the same page and board is important so that there are no surprises. Also, you can make a comprehensive inventory of all you have in advance. This will come in handy later down the road.

    2. Systematic moving

    By now, you should have a realistic picture of your entire inventory that will be moved. You can make this easier, as we always picture moving a huge amount of stuff. It doesn’t have to be that way, as you can move the non-essential items first. Dividing your possessions into essential and non-essential, or by priority, also makes you realise the focal point of your business. Then, you can move the bulky items. Almost every large or bulky item can be broken down into smaller pieces and then moved. This makes it easier and saves space. Since you don’t have to carry a large table and watch out along the way, you are also getting a bit of peace of mind.

    3. Reach out to helping hands

    All of this may seem like too much and, you may feel alone. This is all perfectly normal, and getting that sense of overwhelm can be intimidating. What you can do, is reach out to your friends and relatives by going thru your phone book. Any moving is always associated with complimentary food and drinks, which is almost a custom at this point. Having an extra set of hands gets the ball moving and makes your life that much easier.

    Or you can hire professional and experienced moving services. Plenty of people think that this is an unnecessary expenditure, but when you factor in all the time, money and hustle involved, you will start to think otherwise. Moving experts can do this job fast, safe and leave you carefree to devote your time and energy to other, more important, things at this moment. Like, how are you going to paint your new office and plan your new layout?

    4. Moving insurance

    Any action carries with it a certain amount of risk. We do all that we can to prevent or minimise it, but it can never be zero. With that in mind, get some backup plan. Events that are out of your control can happen and can cause significant damage. Or accidents that can put a hinder on this event that should be a happy one. In either case, moving insurance has your back and secures your peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about every single thing.

    5. Backup

    One final note to mention is that you are not only moving physical goods but in-tangible. All that fancy and expensive electronics need special care to dismantle, storage, transfer and re-setup, that’s for sure, but your data on them also needs special care. Backing up everything to a cloud plus on two sets of external hard drives makes you practically immune to any worst-case scenario and your data safe. Imagine losing incalculable data vital for your corporation to function because someone dropped a hard drive. With a simple click, it is all backed up good to go!

    With so much to do and limited time to execute it, you can feel a bit overwhelmed. The most important step to take is getting started and diving right into all of this. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


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