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    5 Tips to Style a Flawless Organic Home

    image source

    After a long, hard winter, spring is finally starting to show its face. The days are longer and warmer and oh, so soothing. It’s impossible to deny how much we’ve all needed this after months of quarantining, working from home, and the usual winter lethargy.  

    The positive effects of being out in nature just soaking in the sun and watching all that greenery are instant. But there is no reason we should feel this way only when we’re outside. Instead, we can bring nature home and style our living space so that it is inviting all year round.

    Below, we talk about ways to style a flawless organic home in no time, all using natural, renewable materials.

    Embrace Greenery

    image source

    The easiest way to add an organic touch to your home is to bring in some plants, of course. They add color to your living space, clean the air you breathe (and this is crucial when you’re spending so much time at home), and they are visually very appealing. You can instantly reconnect with nature just by looking at your plants while sipping your morning coffee or ticking off your to-do list in your home office.

    A few large plants can do wonders for your home décor. However, don’t overdo it. You don’t need to fill every room with dozens of plants. A few plants in your living room and your work area will suffice. A single large plant can transform an area from dull to lively. Also, if you’re not very keen on taking care of plants, you can get some low-maintenance ones. They only require a bit of water from time to time.  

    You can also add a touch of nature and boost your space aesthetically by placing freshly cut flowers in vases throughout your home. Flowers will liven up the place in an instant.

    Play with Wood Elements

    image source

    When you think organic, wood is a material that naturally comes to mind. It has been used for centuries to make furniture and the appeal of wood doesn’t seem to fade to this day. What’s more, it’s becoming even more popular lately when interior designers and architects are moving from straight, sharp lines to biophilic design and soft, natural shapes and elements that create a cozy look.

    If you’re eco-conscious, wood is the material you’ll certainly go for in your home décor. It’s renewable, it’s highly durable, and it can feature various finishes and hues as per your taste. You can get a custom-made piece manufactured according to your requirements or you can browse the available options and choose a style you like.  

    But don’t get carried away and immediately replace most of your furniture with wooden pieces. Rather, a few effective elements such as a dining room table and chairs made of wood will be enough.  

    If you’re not keen on investing in a new set of chairs and a table, you can incorporate wooden elements in other ways. For example, a wooden bookcase or nightstand will look beautiful in your bedroom.  

    Wood can be wonderfully combined with various other materials and colors so it’s the ideal element to create a more organic home. Stone details pair well with wooden elements and so do plants, different textures such as wool, etc. You’ll find plenty of décor tips and ideas on platforms such as Pinterest.

    Introduce Different Fabrics

    image source

    To complete the warming touch of wood and plants in your soon-to-be flawless, organic home, you should experiment with different fabrics and textures. Knitted fabrics, plush carpets, cozy blankets, as well as lamps or vases made of ratan simply breathe organic.  

    It’s hard to go wrong here since you can combine any elements you like. Cotton, linen, and wool are all great choices for decorating sustainably. Perhaps you can knit something yourself if you’re crafty and have some spare time. Hand-crafted details are huge right now and can add a cozy touch to any space. You can find such cute little details on eBay, in thrift stores, or you can make them yourself for a personalized touch.

    Add Large Artwork Pieces

    image source

    Styling your home is all about the details. That is why you don’t need to replace all your furniture to achieve an organic, flawless look. Several framed photographs of floral motives or landscapes or even photographs of your favorite quotes will uplift the entire living space.  

    Hang a framed photograph of animals or wilderness above your sofa or some leafy painting above your bed. The great thing is that you can acquire these large framed artwork pieces just about anywhere or you can select some images you like, print them, and frame them yourself.  

    Play with Colors

    image source

    You know those “Instagramable” homes you see on social media with contrasting colors that you would never dare to combine in your own home but you secretly really like them? Well, we highly recommend gathering the courage to play with colors in your home.  

    Allow yourself to experiment with hues and discover what shades suit you. You want an organic home but you also want to feel comfortable in it so the style should reflect your personality, tastes, and mood.

    Think about colors that appeal to you and find a way to incorporate them into your home décor. This can be that bold-colored sofa you always stare at in your local furniture store. If buying a new sofa isn’t an option, you can always reupholster your current one. The effect is the same. Some organic fabrics great for upholstering are cotton and hemp.  

    Painting a wall pink or navy blue is another way to add color and so are pillows, rugs, etc. The beauty of organic home décor is precisely the ability to play with various elements and designs until you achieve the effect you want.

    In the end, it’s all about surrounding yourself with your favorite designs, colors, and materials that are organic and soothing, and therefore, remind you of a natural setting. With the above-mentioned tips, you can style your organic home in no time.


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