6 Most Lucrative Jobs In Beauty Industry

As we all know, the beauty industry is very large and the number of careers are increasing every day. There are so many different reasons why one should choose to have a job in this industry and one of the most common reasons is the money you will be able to make. Because this industry is so big, there are so many different opportunities to make big money, but there are some niches that make more than others. If you are interested in starting your career in the beauty industry, here are some of the most lucrative jobs you can try out in the beauty industry. 

A Hair Stylist

If you are someone who enjoys trying out new hairstyles and overall experimenting with hair then there is nothing better than going into the hair styling community. You will be able to experiment with different types of hair and get to know all the things about it. A hair stylist needs to go through special training so you know how to deal with all different hair types and problems that can occur. A good hairstylist also has to know all about hair hair products as well as which products work best for what hair type. By ensuring that you are properly educated on all the topics that you might need when it comes to hair and all products that one might need you are going to be more successful in this branch. Another thing that will help you rise in this industry is being approachable and pleasant to your clients. 

Open a Skin Care Salon

If you are looking for something more independent you can open a skin care salon. There are so many women as well as men who like to go to salons so they keep their skin in good condition. As we all know, skincare is something that is a crucial part of everybody’s daily routines and it is a very delicate process, especially if you are someone who suffers from issues such as acne, dryness or oiliness. Because of that, skin care salons are always in business, as many people would like to visit them to get professional treatments so they can keep up with their skincare. There are so many different treatments that you can specialise in and that is why a skin care salon is something that will always be profitable if you ensure that it is top quality service. 

A Herbal Beauty Treatment Specialist

As so many people are being more eco-conscious as well as trying to use more organic products in their day-to-day life, becoming a specialist in herbal treatment is something that can bring you a big profit. That is mainly because people are realising how many side effects there are to treatments that are chemically based. But when you are trying to pursue such a delicate career you need to ensure that you are taking the best beautician course that you can find in your country.

Open a Beauty Shop

But the beauty industry isn’t only about skin care products, it can also be what you are using to apply them. You can open your own beauty shop, where you will also be selling beauty accessories as well as products that can be used with those accessories. The most important thing that will guarantee that you have a successful shop is finding the best quality profits that you can offer to your customers as well as making sure that you have a wide variety of products that will be suitable for any skin type and colour. Another thing that you should ensure is that all the accessories are quality and that they don’t damage the skin.

Become a Beauty Blogger

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to experiment and give advice to other people, why not start a beauty blog. It is one of the newest niches of the beauty industry and it is rapidly growing. Being a beauty influence is one of the most popular ways to make good money in the beauty community. Beauty blogs are based on sharing the latest information about the most popular as well as underrated beauty products on the market. If you run a successful blog, you will be able to work with different popular companies who will give you the producers so you can review them and share your opinion. You should always start by looking for places where you can publish free blog posts to get you started and gain popularity. 

Become A Tattoo Artist

If you are a talented artist, but makeup is not your thing, you can try out tattooing. Even though it is something that takes years and years of practise and training, it is something that will bring you a lot of profit once you get your clientele. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and it is something that a lot of people like to have as it will make them express themselves and be authentic. Tattoo artists are one of the most appreciated artists in this industry. If you are someone who has a talent for drawing and it is curious and outgoing, you should look into becoming a tattoo artist as it is not only something that can bring you money.


Even though the beauty industry is mostly chosen by women that doesn’t mean that males can’t pursue that career also. There are more and more males that will choose this path. If you put enough tough and hard work into it you will succeed no matter who you are or where you come from. The beauty industry is the most diverse and open minded community that you can join.


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