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    Ensuring Restaurant Business Continuity with Talabat Like App in UAE

    However, the COVID-19 outbreak has not ended the restaurant industry’s woes. Businesses of all sizes, in all locations, and all niches have managed to survive by reacting quickly and adapting. With more restaurants opening, it’s becoming clear that these changes will continue.

    In the chaos of COVID-19, restaurants had no choice but to adapt and evolve. In the wake of 110,000 establishments closing permanently, the industry quickly learned it must adapt to survive. And here, food delivery apps come to the rescue as restaurants can either list themselves on popular food delivery apps or develop their own to market their signature dishes and keep their operations afloat amid this challenging time.  

    Restaurants and pubs that offer sit-down service have been struggling to keep their doors open. Places that offer delivery and pickup are also seeing increased order volumes. Meal kit delivery services are also seeing a large increase in popularity. Customers are increasingly turning to online food delivery apps as they allow them to enjoy a delicious meal at their doorsteps.  

    The online food delivery market is booming across the globe, and UAE or the Middle East is not something left behind in the race. For a brief period, everyday life in the UAE may be disrupted as people face a period of self-isolation or quarantine, but food delivery apps such as Talabat, Zomato, Deliveroo, etc., turned advantageous for restaurants as well as customers.  

    How Talabat Win the Game in the UAE Food Delivery Market

    Talabat has maintained a solid reputation in the online stratosphere for many years as one of the best platforms for ordering food in Dubai. A rockstar customer support team, a fast-food order fulfillment system that works like a charm for customers all over the UAE, and more than 1,000 employees support the company’s operations.

    There have been more than 10 million downloads of Talabat’s food ordering app at the Android store and more than 7 million downloads at the Apple App Store. The app’s food delivery app users often order halal traditional menus at competitive prices through the app.

    Talabat’s mobile phone app is the best way to get started if you are interested in giving it a shot. This is the major reason why food delivery business owners wish to have a Talabat similar platform for their venture.  

    A dedicated user panel is available for food business operators, a panel for delivering goods for fleet management, and a panel for processing orders placed online by customers. Talabat has surely achieved major success in the UAE and is planning to expand its operations in other countries.  

    Looking for the Best Talabat Like App? Here’re the Providers

    Indeed, there are many food delivery apps in the market, but customers’ preferences are evolving, and the demand for similar solutions is increasing. So there is much room for improvement and growth in this particular area. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who want to enter the food delivery market and found Talabat’s business model appealing, below are the best technology partners that can help you achieve business goals.  

    Elluminati Inc

    Searching for the best app solution like Talabat? Then, shake hands with Elluminati Inc and get a readymade solution with amazing customization options. From app design to development to test and launching, the company offers all solutions at affordable rates.  

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    Digitize your restaurant business now with the best Talabat like app and streamline ordering and delivery operations now. ValueAppz’s solutions also help you grow in this competitive era while ensuring you business automation while spending less.  

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    Enter the rising online food delivery market and fulfill customers’ needs by embracing one of the best Talabat like app platforms for your business. If you are from a non-technical background, then contact Nectareon for the development of the best Talabat like app.  

    Explore More Details:   Visit Here

    Ways Talabat Similar App Can Grow Your Business

    Time and customer expectations have changed, so it is imperative for restaurants to adapt to the latest technology developments quickly. Noticeably, food delivery apps like Talabat are taking the restaurant industry by storm, and the majority of emerging entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this growing market. Here are the certain ways an app like Talabat help you grow your conventional food delivery business,  

    • Boost branding
    • Improve customer experience
    • Acts as a marketing tool
    • Acquire more customers
    • Increase profitability

    A value of $28.5 billion is predicted for UAE e-commerce by the end of 2019. The F & B market in the UAE has experienced rapid growth during the short period of 2010-2015 with a CAGR of 12 percent. In addition, three out of four people in the UAE receive food deliveries at least once a week, according to KPMG, so there is a huge potential in this particular sector.  

    Ending Note

    While restaurant foot traffic and online reservations may have declined, online pickups and deliveries have exploded in the UAE, and this is the strong reason why more and more entrepreneurs want to capitalize on the market. Moreover, since online food ordering has become a trend in this digital era, investment in Talabat like app solutions definitely helps you grow the business.  


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