Everything You Need To Know About The Apron Styles

Whether working in a home kitchen or big five-star restaurant, aprons are quintessential for both the people. It is essential to include aprons in your important part of planning uniforms for the restaurant staff and having an apron at home for safety purposes. With that said, the apron’s fabric and style should be appropriate enough to serve as a shield. There are thousands of styles and fabrics available for the aprons in the world today. Even the chefs are using different styles for various kinds of tasks. The kitchen managers now consider the right styles and fabrics when ordering the full custom aprons online. We have an in-depth look at different styles of aprons that people use in separate kitchen and serving areas!

Dishwasher aprons:
Made often of plastic or other sturdy material, these aprons protect the clothes from excessive water splatter during dishwashing. These aprons typically come in full lengths, starting from the top of the chest to the knees. They cover the kitchen staff from pots and wipe away dirt , grease, and toxins from soaps. It lets the person with the dishwasher stay dry and clean in the kitchen area, even after several dishes have been cleaned. Usually, they are made of vinyl, which is quick to clean and preserve. These aprons will last for years if they are properly treated.

Server aprons:

Like the name says, the apron is specifically meant for restaurant servers. It can be manufactured in various catchy colours in any material, from cotton to denim. When purchasing server aprons, most individuals make the most of complete personalised aprons so they can be branded with labels, patterns, and images. They have less ways to get dirty. They are not in the body’s entire length, and in fact, they are tied only from below the waist. For the servers to register requests, they also have a pocket to hold a pen and a notebook. They are often used by the head waiters or hostesses of front-house servers. Washing them well and cleaning them would reduce their fading colour and allow them last longer.

Bistro or cocktail aprons:

These often may not have the upper portion coverage, like the server aprons, but are long. They are often made of nylon, but to design them, cotton may also be added. They even have a pocket for clients to keep pens, diaries, and straws close to hand. They are often used by cocktail cooks when making cocktails and beverages to shield them from liquid splashes. They are also useful for servers who have work that are dirty, like table sweeping. They can also be produced in restaurant theme colours so the bistro chefs are at the centre of the dining room. In a normal machine, they may be cleaned but take care of the colour leakage.

Cobbler aprons:

They are a special type of apron that offers both front and back protection. They can be worn as a shirt and are tied from the sides. They are only a short length, so they can’t protect below the waist. They are adjustable in size from the sides, so you are free to make them tight or loose. They are commonly used in the bakery section of the kitchen and housekeeping staff. They are best for keeping the shirt clean from the inside. They are widely made in white color, but full custom aprons are designed with various colors and designs for the housekeeping department. We recommend to wash them separately if they are white to avoid any color transfer.

Disposable aprons:

They’re a sort of free-size apron. Of all shapes and lengths, you will find them. They come from the neck to the length of the leg, neck to the length of the waist, and full body weight. They can be placed around the neck quickly and can be tossed after a sole use. Soaps from harsh chemicals are preserved. Kitchen employees who mostly deal with cutting meat , fish, vegetables and other materials use this type of apron to protect their clothes from excess water and smell. They are done with either thin plastic or water soluble polypropylene. They also prevent products from cross-contamination and should not be reused.

Bottom line:

It’s quick to find the proper apron type after you find out about the workers. There are plenty of fabrics already available, complete custom aprons for any theme. The above styles will allow you to give your restaurant an idea of complete custom aprons. To build a great uniform for the employees of your restaurant, email us. We promise you’re not going to be disappointed!


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