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    Fuel Gas Conditioning Process and Equipment

    Fuel gas conditioning is basically an artificial process of treating natural gas into useful gases. For obtaining this worth the natural gas needs to go through with the required conditioning process which we called fuel gas conditioning skid. What this skid does is, process the raw/natural gas into fuel gas or useful gas.

    Before going further, let us take a look over what is fuel gas and what is fuel gas conditioning skid?

    What is fuel gas?

    Fuel gas is any of a few fuels that under common conditions are gaseous. Many fuel gases are made out of hydrocarbons (like methane or propane), hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or combinations thereof. Such gases are useful for potential energy or light energy like in power plant turbines, boilers, engines, etc, that can be immediately sent through pipes from the production place directly to the destination of consumption.

    What is fuel gas conditioning skid?

    Fuel gas conditioning skid is a huge industrial setup to separate contaminated fuel gas from the unwanted gas particles and warmth. Under the treatment of this skid, the raw/natural gas turned into useful industrial gas or fuel gas.

     In the Oil, Gas, and Power generation industries there is a huge demand for fuel gas which is separated from contaminated solids and liquids. A gas that is heated to an adequate temperature to guarantee an edge over the dewpoint of the gas is the same gas that serves profit to the production industry. Only after it has been appropriately treated can fuel gas be sent to the gas turbine engine. Otherwise, a gas with even less impurity or excessive gas humidity may cause a huge financial loss to the industry. It automatically damages the conditioning skid too.

    So, according to the above information, the job of gas conditioning skid is refining the natural gas.

    Why is gas conditioning is important?

    Fuel gas should be conditioned to ensure the safety and security of the staff associated with some measure undertaking. Fuel gas conditioning package also helps in increasing efficiency and production of the required material and limit costs by minimizing equipment support.

    Fuel gas that isn’t conditioned risks combustion which can lead to the death toll or appendage. Gas that has not been processed appropriately may cause devastation on machine parts and cause disintegration. Solids and particles can get locked up in the fuel spouts and make plugs that can also cause leaks (which may lead to blasts whenever drove back to the source).

    Clean and processed fuel helps in increasing productivity and expands the amount of power a gas turbine can deliver. Less maintenance is directly proportional to high maintenance costs.

    What are the types Of Impurities that are eliminated using a Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid?

    Since we have talked about the advantages and significance of a fuel gas conditioning package, you might have an idea of what precisely it is they eliminated that brings these advantages. In general terms the impurities eliminated can be gathered into three classes as Solid, gas, and liquid. How about we investigate a portion of the normal pollutants eliminated from every class.

    Solids: Rust, Mill Scale, Sand

    These solids, whenever left unchecked could cause corrosion in the gas turbine and related gear.

    Fluids: Water, Condensed gas, Heavy Hydrocarbon, Lube Oil

    In case if these fluids aren’t eliminated they may cause temperature variances inside the system, and cause several problems like creating a hot spot on the combustor or lead to emissions and deposits.

    Gases: Siloxane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide

    These gases can also follow corrosion, deposits, and emissions. They can manage the capacity of the gas turbine and the contamination they cause and let the turbine works well.

    Various Components a Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid use

    Mass Solids and Liquid Removal

    This strong, static mechanical unit is intended to work with a bigger resistance so almost no support is important. By and large, they are planned so particles fall to the bottom of the vessel where they would then be able to be eliminated. Various sorts of separators are there including multi-twister, horizontal vane packs, mesh cushions, or a blend of the last two.

    Fine Solid Interception

    When there are undeniable degrees of solids in a gas, outside to inside media filter channel is suggested (gas streams from outside the channel and through it). This is on the grounds that the surface region is bigger outside of these filter channels and result; it more viably gets solids, though an inside to outside stream and reduces efficiency.

    Fine Liquid Coalescing

    A coalescing channel permits gas with high fluid that needs to go through from inside to outside. The fluid blends into bigger droplets that afterward gathered and depleted towards the base/bottom.


    In the above, we discuss the major and significant properties of the fuel gas conditioning skid. A treated form of natural gas, fuel gas has some major and significant characteristics which are really beneficial to the industries. In the end, it is proved that without a fuel gas conditioning package, no industry will we longer beneficial for its huge production measures. The major fact is that both, fuel gas conditioning skid, Filtration & Separation Equipment and natural gas are profitable to reach each other.

    To know more about the Fuel gas conditioning package and its ultimate features, visit our website.

    For more information on our solutions, mail us at enquiry@multitexfilters.com







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