Give Your Business A New Platform Through An App Like Ola

Nowadays, businesses have gained a new form to operate, considering the current scenario. Entrepreneurs are running their ventures online, which seemed impossible to us in previous times. In the earlier years, there was limited use of technology done up to some extent.

The people used to purchase services or products by visiting the local stores in the town. There was only one option available to the public, which was the offline model in businesses. The businesses like the restaurant business, grocery business, tour business, and general store business were running offline.

Similarly, the taxi business was also carried out offline, which was pinching to the people. They needed to leave their homes and wait at the roadside for a taxi by walking from their homes early. This process for hiring out the taxi seemed very tedious to the people. Hence, they demanded change and a solution to solve their problems.

Technology has got the answer to every question as we know already. The task of the people has become easier to buy products/services as the businesses were switched to online platforms as their customers were able to visit their store online through an app installed on their devices. 

Many apps were launched for cab-hiring ventures in the taxi-sharing market. Those were Uber, Ola, Savaari, ZoomCar, Meru, etc. Moreover, Ola proved as a successful player in the Indian ride-sharing market. Thus, the local entrepreneurs were motivated to build their taxi-booking app as there was a massive necessity in the town.

How Ola Evolved In India?

The company is offering its ride-sharing services through an app. The customers can get an ultimate ride-sharing experience through an app through which they can reach their destination on time. The users can book their ride through an application by selecting their pick-up and drop location in an app and can reach their desired location without getting late.

This firm was founded in India and is now a multinational taxi-sharing firm based in Bangalore. Ola has been serving its services in India for 12 years, from December 3, 2010. The company is currently running its business across 250+ Indian cities and 4 countries.

In India, within a few years, the firm has become the most significant competitor of Uber even though it got success in many countries. According to 2019 analysis, Ola currently holds the highest taxi-sharing market share of 72.44%, beating its competitor Uber, which has a 21% market share.

Previously, Ola handled many other services such as finance service, takeaway restaurants, and many other services. Then, the company started its taxi business by adopting a new fashion of serving online. And recently, with all the progress in the ride-hailing sector, the firm has initiated to step into the new industry of E-scooters in order to prevent pollution and contribute towards making our planet green.    

With such a huge success example set by Ola, it encourages the local taxi-business owners to start their business online by getting an app like Ola for their ventures.

Firms For Developing An App Like Ola:

To get an app like Ola, you need to consult with an app development firm and give your expectations about an application that could give you an excellent solution for your business. Following are the companies delivering an app like Ola: 

NSG system

It is a company offering on-demand Ola-like app development to many ventures. They are targeting to provide a robust app solution which doesn’t matter what the size of your business is? It can handle any number of traffic on the app.

Elluminati Inc

The firm provides the finest app like Ola to many cab businesses. The company targets to provide their customers with a reliable solution through which they can revamp their business and raise their graph in the market very rapidly.

iStudio Technologies

iStudio Technologies is a top-notch on-demand app development company that provides a similar app to Ola to businesses. Their main aim is to provide a premium app solution for their clients that satisfies all the business requirements.

Workflow Of An App Like Ola:

Every app is provided with its distinct workflow. So, here this app is also equipped with a specific workflow. Consider the following workflow, which an entrepreneur can get by developing an app:

  1. The user/customer can register/log in through an app by providing the necessary credentials.
  2. After logging in to the app, the user can book his ride by entering the pick-up and drop location in an app.
  3. Once clicking on the book ride button, a user request is sent to the driver so that he can accept/reject the request from the customer.
  4. When the driver receives the request, the basic details of the driver are sent to the user, which includes name, contact, registered vehicle number, and the timer in their app starts running on their application to arrive at the pick-up location within that time. 
  5. When the ride is started, the user can press the SOS panic button through an app if any dangerous situation occurs during the ride. 
  6. After the ride is finished, the user can give his essential review and ratings about the driver and the type of service gained. Simultaneously, the driver can also provide feedback about the customer.

Final Verdict:

In the fast-changing world, there is a constant demand for innovation everywhere. Entrepreneurs can run their ventures in a bit different manner. And in terms of choice regarding launching the taxi business online through an app, it’s the best choice which should be made. Launching your app similar to Ola will instantly raise your profit margins compared to offline businesses.


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