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    How Gardens Add Value to Property Price

    Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same: they improve the aesthetics of your property. Potential buyers are not only interested in something pretty, they look past that and think about maintenance costs and time. That’s not to say that the garden may be a weak link when selling a home. You just need to put some thought into presenting that greenery as an asset even to those who shudder at the thought of getting their hands dirty.

    So, what garden features you should concentrate on to add value to property price? Let’s see.

    Get inspiration from other gardens in the neighborhood

    Buyers know what they want. They researched the neighborhood to see if what it offers fits with their ideas. Since this means they are aware of the gardens in other people’s yards, you need to blend in. However, don’t copy what others did and add something different to make them see your garden more special.

    For example, if your neighbors have a fire pit, you can add one that is easily moved to another part of the garden. It gives options to buyers to manage their outdoor space the way they want and to have features they admired at the neighbors’ gardens.

    Think of the garden as a privacy screen

    A home is a place you feel sheltered and like yourself, so having some privacy is important. Use the garden as means to give all this to your potential buyers. Trees around the property, shrubbery, and seating area surrounded by greenery are some of the ways.

    Think of it as giving your buyers an oasis of tranquility where they can relax and away from prying eyes. This is something that may be of most interest to high-profile buyers and families since they want a more intimate design for their house.

    Use low maintenance plants

    Low maintenance plants may be a good start to attract the buyers to make you an offer. For instance, blue-purple ajuga is impossible to kill and loves shady places. Oakleaf hydrangea is a shrub with white flowers and that bloom during the summer. Even some vegetables, like lettuce, herbs, and zucchini are easy to grow and may attract those who want to grow their own food.

    Succulents are resilient to drought and give a low-key design to your garden. They are a wonderful addition to modern architecture that uses lots of stone and concrete. Additionally, avoid using all these options since that will create a clutter of styles and do just the opposite – give the impression that they have to labor over the plants.

    Try to NOT make it as a lot of work

    Simplicity is what will most likely attract more buyers your way. A garden hose reel in the back, mown lawn, small tool shed, and manicured bushes. That way you covered the basic needs of any garden, like water source and storage, but left a lot to the imagination with a clean lawn.

    Buyers need space to imagine their own garden, and they can’t do that with complicated landscapes. They make it expensive and difficult to add things they would like to have in their gardens, like BBQ or swimming pool. Not everyone is gifted with green fingers, so they may feel that elaborate vegetable gardens or flower beds are too much work.

    Think of it as another room in the house

    Having a garden can intimidate some buyers because it means regular maintenance and talent. To create an attractive garden for them, think of it as another room in the house. Remove clutter so that buyers have a clear vision of the garden and are free to imagine whatever they want.

    Try to make it inspirational for the buyers with lots of possibilities for landscaping and changes, to create something of their own. While you should withhold personal items, you can still show them what this space can do. A seating set comfortably arranged with potted plants will give them a concept, manageable and adaptable to their ideas.

    Look up the newest gardening trends

    Most buyers are informed and know what they are looking at. Following the newest gardening trends can give you an edge that will sway them your way.

    For example, vegetable gardens are a big deal right now because of their eco-friendly and health benefits. Vertical gardening is an excellent presentation of how small gardens can do great things. Of course, low maintenance is popular as well, so try to include that in your garden redesign. Just listen to the property market and know what kind of buyers you are targeting before being creative in your garden.

    Final thoughts

    How gardens add value to property price depends on target buyers, the neighborhood, and the architecture of your outdoor area. If you landscape your outdoor area completely, it barely leaves anything to buyers’ imagination. So, try to be minimalist and offer them inspiration to make your garden something of their own.


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