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    How To Become A Data Scientist?

    Want to become the best data scientist? If the answer is yes, then this field needs you to follow some crucial steps. All are present in this guide. However, this field provides you with a money-making career and is considered one of the rapidly growing fields of 2021.

    But when we think about what things are required to become the best data scientist. Then it is tough to reveal the complex problems that it solves.

    Besides this, too many ways are present to get success in this career. If you are thinking about what to study, how to become a data scientist, what the salary is, then don’t worry. This is because you are in the right place, here we will explain everything about this career.

    If we talk about the short intro of this career, then data scientists must have the basic skills in statistics and programming. In addition to these subjects, mathematics is also compulsory.

    Who Are the Data Scientists?

    Data scientists are considered the handlers of big data. First, they gather large sets and then analyze the actual data; this doesn’t matter if it is structured or amorphous. The role of data scientists is the combination of mathematics, programming, and statistics.

    First, they gather the data, analyze it and then process it. After this, they explain the results to create effective plans for the different businesses and companies.

    Data scientists are considered experts who constantly use their expertise in human behavior in society and technology. They do this to discover the latest trends and also to handle big data.

    How to Become a Data Scientist?

    If you want to become a data scientist them you have to follow the three simple steps include:

    1. You must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of math, computer science, physics, or other linked degrees.
    2. Complete the master’s degree in the field of data or other relevant fields.
    3. It is compulsory to have experience in that field in which you want to work, like physics, health, or business.

    Careers In Data Science

    It might be possible that you will not get the skills from your college that you required for becoming a data scientist. And you have to go outside the college for job training to make a career in data science.

    This training will include the company’s different programs and their internal system. Also, some latest analytics techniques that you won’t get from your college.

    It is a fact that the data science world is changing all the time, and for this, you have to update yourself.

    Data Scientist Jobs

    The jobs of data scientists are available in too many companies, and they play different roles. But most of the data scientists work in those companies where employees work as a team, discuss various projects, and talk with each other productively.

    The main work of the data scientist is to upload the data and the numbers in the company’s system. The other job is to do coding for the different programs. And these programs will examine the information.

    The work speed and the job atmosphere will depend on the organization where you want to work. Some companies need fast results, and other companies require slow results but with complete details.

    When joining any company for the job, you will find a company that depends on creative thinking and work. You will also find a company designed for hard work and efficiency.

    So, your job environment will depend on the data science type and the the company where you want to work.

    Data Scientist Salary

    It is a reality that data scientists generate a solid income. The source that provides you the best salary for this job is the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    But here, the main problem is that they don’t compile the data scientists’ information. Anyone who works as an information and computer research scientist can easily earn up to $108,360 in a year.

    This salary is according to the BSL, but Glassdoor describes the average salary of the data scientists as $113,436. However, for a person who has experience of more than nine years in this field, their pay is $150,000.

    Additionally, if a person handles a team containing ten members, its expected salary is $232,000. Overall if you are an expert in your field and have some skills, you will get solid money.

    Job Outlook

    The person who is working as a data scientist will get job security from the company. Apart from this, they also earn more income than the other fields, like 17% higher than the software engineers. And also 21% higher than the data analyst.

    The best thing for you is that data science is growing fast daily, and the need for employees is also increasing. Too many businesses depend on the data information for making decisions.

    That’s why they need data scientists who collect the different data, organize the whole data, store and analyze the results to find the latest trends.

    In the era of advanced technology, too many people want to do data scientist jobs online. If you are one of them, there are too many websites where you can find jobs. These websites include Careerbuilder.com, ai-jobs.net, Upwork, Glassdoor.com, and many others.

    Success Stories

    Do you want to know the success stories in data science? If the answer is yes, then we have created a list of different people’s success stories. Other than this, if you want to become a great data scientist, then you should follow them.

    1. Geoffrey Hinton

    Geoffrey Hinton is very famous because of his expertise in artificial intelligence and also in deep learning. Besides this, He is also considered a Godfather of data science.

    However, he has done a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence. And an example for other people because of his outstanding work in the neural nets.

    2. Jeff Hammerbacher

    Jeff Hammerbacher is an expert in data science and famous for his great work. He developed the best technique and method to find the data, store, and analyze big data.

     Jeff Hammerbacher was working as a teacher in the Icahn School of Medicine, and now he is the partner at the Cloudera.

    3. Dhanurjay Patil

    Dhanurjay Patil is the data scientist chief in the US. And also, with the help of Hammerbacher, he created the data science word. He has been the best consultant in the different big companies like PayPal, Skype, eBay, and many others.

    Data Science is Fun

    Yes, data science is fun because it is a fantastic job. You have to do exciting work like coding, research, and collecting different data in this job. This is a job in which you have to read the research paper in the morning.

    In the afternoon, you have to note down the algorithm, and in the evening, you do coding. So it is a gratifying job that gives you a high income.

    But there is a twist: sometimes, you don’t have to read the research paper. This is because you have to do coding and implement it. And the preparation of the data is the only part where you have to do it thoroughly.


    Becoming a data scientist is challenging; you always need time, skills, and hard work. But the main thing is that the pay of data scientists is very high than in the other fields. So, we hope this article is very helpful to know about becoming a data scientist.


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