How to make money from Instagram

We casually hear of the word influencer every now and then, and more often than not, utter disbelief on the fact that this is a huge career choice in this day and age – everyone is an influencer.

Everyone is earning through Instagram. We have heard this so much that we underestimate how earning on Instagram really works.

There is often a bias attached to social media earning, such as, it is not a real job and things like that so this post will cover some guaranteed ways through which you can earn, yes, on Instagram.

Many are in a rush to just launch their ever-waited, imagined influencer career for which they automatic Instagram likes monthly , in order to boost their presence. There is no harm in that if you know how to balance that out smartly, but that’s another topic and today our aim is to school you on some ways to get that money rolling through Instagram.

Here are some ways through which earning from Instagram can be made possible:

1. Become a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador can earn quite a handsome amount, upto $50,000 utmost. Brands actively seek out Instagram users with abundant followers to be their ‘middle man’ for products and services. If you partner up with a brand, it is a guaranteed way to get you somewhere with earning money.

On each post you can easily earn upto $500 per post, and that is for micro influencers, nano influencers earn up to $100 per post. The pay system on instagram through brands also depends on the amount of followers one’s got.

Now brand ambassadors work differently from sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are a one time thing, while a brand ambassador is someone who is paid by a brand to talk about its products or services overtime, while enjoying other benefits from that particular brand.

2. Become an affiliate

Join an affiliate program which you are interested in working with. After you are done registering with the program of your choice, you will get your unique, traceable link or promo code. You will earn a commission on the sale made on the particular product you are promoting, given that your promo code was used.

If this is how you choose to earn through instagram then make sure whatever product/service you are going to promote stays true to what it shows and has a good customer base, because that would mean it has a good reputation.

3. Getting paid as a creator

IGTV ads are what came to our mind. It is a great time to earn through advertisements that are shown in your IGTV videos. Make sure your videos are more than two minutes long, have good, inspirational, educational and quality content in order to get as many views as possible, because the more views you get, the more your advertisement is watched, and as a result, the more you earn.

Building a relationship with your followers is also imperative, as you must have a good bond with them, to better understand what kind of content they would like to see in the future.

This is where Instagram’s Live Badges feature comes in.

This specific feature is like a ‘tip’ and allows followers to express their support to their preferred creators on Instagram. It can also be bought as packages like Instagram

4. Your Instagram shop

This is like any other online store and it is quite simple. Follow the steps below to successfully set up an insta shop on which users can see your items and check out without ever leaving Instagram.

● Make sure your account is set at business account
● Link your account to Facebook
● Set up your product catalog
● Turn shopping on

5. Sell physical or digital products

You don’t only have to be a brand ambassador in order to earn through Instagram. You can sell your own products too. Being an entrepreneur always pays off so hey, sell your handmade jewelry or artworks made on requests. Do not forget to read the above steps to set up your Instagram shop.

6. Provide marketing services

This includes writing, posting pictures or writing captions for other businesses, providing advertising services for companies, managing their social media, creating content and promotions. By doing this you can easily expect around $16 – $75 which, obviously, depends on your skill-set, expertise and experience.

Develop a good understanding of how social media marketing works, get some on-field experience and set up your portfolio. Reach out to start-ups around you and offer to help them with their instagram accounts.


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