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    How to Market to Accredited Investors?

    How to Market to Accredited Investors?

    1. Take advantage of video marketing

    Investors are not looking for a product, what they want to buy is an experience and they want to know in detail what they will acquire. Fortunately, technology is in your favour, because you can show your real estate products, no matter where the customers are.
    But for video marketing to achieve its goal, it is necessary to have a number of technical considerations.
    Create an interesting and concrete script to explain to the audience what they are seeing is about and emphasize what is important. The voice of the narrator should be close, pleasant and convey confidence.
    Since many videos play without audio, it is advisable to incorporate the text of the narration.
    -The video must be mobile friendly.
    -Record enough images to speed up the production stage. For example, for a 60 second video you could record 15 to 20 minutes of footage.
    -Include a simple and clear call to action.
    -Define on which platform it will be published.

    2. Use landing pages

    Increasing the conversion rate is the goal that every landing page must achieve. That is, it has to meet the user’s expectations to convince him and make him execute the defined action. Therefore, to become an effective element, there are characteristics that cannot be absent.

    -Clean, functional and attractive design. If images are used, they must have a clear purpose, be of excellent quality and accurately represent what is sought.
    -Facilitate the visitor’s task, avoiding calls to action or unnecessary data requests.
    -Simple and direct CTA.

    3. Create an Email Automation campaign

    When we specified what marketing is, we made reference to having the ability to captivate clients. And precisely, one of the most powerful ways to achieve this is by generating personalized experiences. That is where automation software takes centre stage.
    These not only make the campaign design and delivery processes more productive and efficient, but also increase the credibility of the company and establish a closer relationship with prospects and clients.
    But specifically, what do you gain from using an Email Marketing Automation platform?

    -Segment your contact lists according to the parameters you define. For example, age of the subscriber, city of residence, sector where you would like to live, and so on.
    -Dispatch of perfectly customized simultaneous campaigns.
    -Creation of workflows that will allow shipments according to the Buyer Journey phase.
    -Establish the frequency of shipments and waiting times between emails, according to the behaviour of subscribers. This ensures a timely presence in the inboxes.
    -Activate A / B tests.
    -Multichannel integration (social networks, landing pages, CRM, etc.).
    -Know the performance reports in real time to analyse, in detail and globally, the effectiveness of your campaigns.
    And what types of emails can you send? That is another advantage, because in the same software you can create countless alternatives:

    -Welcome email as long as the user subscribes to your list.
    -Thank you email. For example, after converting.
    -Lead Nurturing emails. To guide them to the sales stage.
    -Email due to subscriber inactivity. Very important to keep an up-to-date list and try to attract those who have been absent.
    -Email to evaluate user satisfaction. It is a way of telling him that his opinion is important. In addition, it represents an opportunity to improve as a company.
    -As for automation software or platforms, the offer is varied. For this reason, before choosing them you should consider your needs and what each tool offers. Some alternatives are ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and HubSpot .

    4. Boost your content marketing with a blog

    Seeking to be unique, deliver value to users and position yourself as a benchmark are three of the many objectives that can be achieved through a blog. In addition, it is possible to integrate it into your social media strategy, which will increase your company’s exposure and increase qualified traffic.
    What content could you deliver? Is it relevant to investors? Here it is important that you consider your target to generate pieces of interest. Let’s see some examples:

    -5 Facebook groups every investor should follow
    -Ten Things to Consider Before You Make Investing Decisions
    And so on.

    And don’t forget the variety of formats. You can include infographics, graphics, videos, photographs, downloadable material, among other alternatives. The idea is that your content real estate marketing boost your business and, for this, it is important that the blog is related to the market, is visually attractive and harmonious and includes original and excellent quality content.

    5. Design PPC campaigns

    Pay per Click is a tool, widely used on platforms such as Facebook Ads, and of great commercial utility. But to implement efficient campaigns that manage to attract new customers, generate leads and promote the company, advertisements cannot become intrusive elements.
    So where is the key to designing relevant ads and delivering a good user experience?

    -Set goals.
    -Define the target and guide the ad.
    -Optimize the web or Landing Page so that users can easily and quickly execute the action.
    -Decide what the proper format is.
    -Include keywords and a powerful call to action.
    -Make it valuable and credible.
    -Measure and analyse the results.
    Ultimately, to stand out in the industry and increase conversion rates, potential clients must be at the centre of marketing strategies in real estate. Each action that is executed has to respect the phase of the Buyer Journey where the user is, so you will not fall into the error of selling when what you need is to nurture.
    Bet on quality and innovation. The online world offers countless opportunities to captivate your customers. Take advantage of them!


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