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    How To Set Up a Relaxing Zen Corner in Your House

    In today’s fast-paced and chaotic world, it’s important to take some time to relax. For many Australians, relaxation doesn’t come easy at home. Spending time in your home office or bedroom might remind you of your daily stresses, which makes rest and relaxation a bit tougher in these spaces. A great solution would be to have a dedicated Zen spot where you can forget about your troubles and responsibilities for a short while.

    The good news is–this shouldn’t be too difficult to set up. If you already have a spot in mind, you should try to make it as cozy and relaxing as possible. Choosing a space is easy, but transforming it into your personal oasis requires some effort. Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your Zen space.

    Choose the right colours

    When it comes to interior design–colour is everything. It can set the tone and mood for a room before you add a single piece of furniture. If you’re aiming to create a Zen area, you’ll want to pick the right colour palette right off the bat.

    The colour of your surroundings has an enormous impact on your mood and mental state. Individual colours can evoke specific emotions, which is what makes them so effective in interior design. You’ve probably noticed this phenomenon before. When you’re at a spa, the colour of the interior will often have variations of blue and green–precisely because these colours make us feel calm and at peace. However, you don’t have to stick to blue, green, white, or any colour that is recommended.

    It’s important to figure out what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you prefer darker versions of livelier colours, you can choose them. Think about the places that you’ve visited that made you feel calm. If there are certain colours or patterns that appeal to you, try to adapt them in your room design. It’s going to make for a wonderful Zen corner.

    Decorate it with art

    A room or corner design isn’t complete without some art. A few colourful paintings can bring the design together and create some extra charm. Plus, they can make for good conversation pieces when you show guests your Zen corner. However, what kind of art should you choose for this special spot? Well, it doesn’t really matter, as it depends on your tastes.

    It doesn’t take an artist or connoisseur to pick out good art for a Zen corner. You don’t even need to stick to paintings. You can add attractive vases, figurines, or even sculptures all around the corner to make it cozier and more inviting. Pictures and paintings are just easier to set up. Plus, picking out visual art is a breeze for just about anyone with an internet connection. You can pick out designs that you’ve seen online and print them. All you really need are some frames to go with your corner’s look and feel. In the end, the sky’s the limit when it comes to art. Add whatever makes you feel artsy and fulfilled and you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice.

    Get some music going

    Speaking of art, music can play an enormous part in your special relaxation oasis. Some soothing tunes can make you feel right at home, though you don’t need to choose stereotypical calm music to get you going. Some people can relax when listening to rock or metal, so it’s pretty much an individual thing.

    There are some things that are universal. People like to hear quality music through quality speakers or headphones. Make sure you get ones that suit your needs. If they can cover the most important parts of the low and high end of a song, you’re pretty much set. In this case, you won’t require anything too expensive. If, on the other hand, you’re a huge music enthusiast and audiophile, you’ll want to choose something pricier and place it according to the shape and dynamic of the room.

    Set the mood with lights

    Lighting is an essential part of any room’s design. It can make or break the mood of a room, depending on the type of lights you choose to add. You’ve probably experienced being in a gorgeous room that has completely inadequate lighting that makes it feel iffy. Sometimes, people only install a single chandelier or ceiling lamp with cold and sterile bulbs, which makes the room give off an unwelcoming vibe.

    To get the lighting right, you’ll have to think in layers. You’ll want different types of lighting that can mesh together well and give you both visibility and a gorgeous view. The three most essential kinds of lighting include ambient, task, and accent. As its name suggests, ambient lighting takes care of the ambience and gives you some visibility. Task lighting helps you with specific tasks that require good visibility in an area, while accent lighting helps accentuate elements that need it.

    If you haven’t designed lighting for a Zen space before, it would help to get some perspective. Check out designs in magazines and online guides and see what looks most appealing to you. Adding the actual lights is the easy part–all you need to do is make good choices when it comes to the lighting distribution.

    Place a rug

    There are few things that evoke feelings of comfort quite as well as rugs. They’re soft, cozy, and they go well with just about any room design. Plus, you can use them to soften the flooring and make it easier to lounge around barefoot or in socks. If you want to make the coziest and most relaxing kind of corner, you’re going to want to add a rug or carpet.

    For a Zen-type of space, you’ll need a rug to match. When it comes to colour, you’ll want to keep it consistent with the overall look of the space while still aiming for something earthy. Off-white and beige are good choices. The material should be as shaggy as possible, to give off a comfortable and relaxed vibe.

    The shape and size of the rug will vary depending on the same metrics for your space. You’ll have to visualize the rug and see what kind you need. Going shopping for rugs will be the easy part.

    Add some nature into the mix

    When you think of Zen spaces, what kind of imagery comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you’ll imagine something natural and calm. What better way to introduce a sense of stillness and nature than to add some plants to your Zen corner? They’re an integral part of any interior design, though they’re especially useful for relaxing spaces.

    There’s something about plants that calms us, and it’s not just a design trick, either. Studies have shown that looking at and being around plants helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s why you’ll always see plants in modern office spaces. With this in mind, it’s understandable why you want to introduce a few of these little green friends to your Zen space.

    The great thing about plants is that they go well with every kind of design. Better yet, there are countless houseplants to choose from. You can add spider plants, English ivies, peace lilies, or any other plant that you deem a good fit for your relaxing corner. If you want a low-maintenance option, succulents are excellent choices. Just get a few pots and some dirt and you’re pretty much set. Make sure that you research the correct kind of soil for your plants, as some require specific soil to thrive.

    Don’t neglect scent

    All of our senses play a part in relaxation, but our sense of smell has arguably the biggest impact of them all. A scent can bring back memories and even evoke strong emotions at times. If something smells familiar, you feel more relaxed and at peace when you smell it. It’s shocking how little we pay attention to scent when setting up a living space, considering how much impact it has on our mood and state of mind.

    To make your Zen oasis smell and feel like a cozy haven, you’ll want to add some gorgeous scents. A great way to do this is by using scented candles. They help set a comfortable atmosphere, add a bit of lighting, and keep the room smelling great. Not to mention, many scented candles last quite a while, so you don’t have to set up new ones every single day.

    We’ve mentioned how looking at plants eases stress, but it’s worth noting that their smell does this as well. Citrus, lavender, and tea rose begonias are great choices for scented houseplants. They provide a much-needed freshness to any Zen space. There are countless others that are worth considering, though you’ll have to see which one fits your tastes best to get the most relaxing scent.

    Set up a comfy chair

    What good are great room design and attractive details if you don’t have anywhere to actually sit down and relax? If you asked most Australians what is their favourite piece of furniture, you probably wouldn’t hear many say that it’s a chair. It’s strange, especially when you consider that we spend much of our wake time in chairs, whether it’s at work, school, or when hanging out at home. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time in a bad chair, you’ll know how important it is to choose one that’s truly comfortable.

    This is especially important for your Zen space. You need a chair that will allow you to sit back, relax, and focus on things like reading or drawing. While a regular chair or armchair might do the trick, you might want to think bigger if you want real relaxation.

    Everywhere from Brisbane to Newcastle, homeowners on the east coast have started showing more interest in massage chairs. The luxury and relaxation that they provide are hard to beat, so it’s not surprising that people want them in their homes. After all, who doesn’t want a relaxing and therapeutic massage every day?

    Especially popular choices include therapeutic massage chairs from Gold Coast and nearby areas. It’s possible to use them to improve posture, which is why so many Australians are interested in these kinds of gadgets. Having one of these in your Zen space could prove to be a good investment. Imagine reclining in your chair reading while getting a massage at the same time. Matching this level of relaxation isn’t easy with a regular chair.

    Personalize the space

    All the design and décor decisions you make won’t matter if you don’t feel that your Zen space is truly yours. It can’t just feel like a part of your house or apartment–it has to feel like a part of your home. A great way to make it feel this way is to personalize the space.

    Photos and sentimental souvenirs are great decorations for a relaxing Zen space. You want to think about positive things when you’re lounging around in your comfy chair. Bringing up positive memories through personalized décor helps achieve this. Think of something that can add charm and positive vibes to your Zen space and include it in your design.

    With this in mind, you shouldn’t overdo it. It’s not uncommon for people to go overboard when it comes to adding sentimental items. When you have a few too many of them, the space can look messy and cluttered, which then takes away from the relaxation. Stick to a few key items and details that will help you stay relaxed, and you’ll be satisfied with your choice.


    There’s no shortage of ideas that can help you create the perfect relaxing space in your home. While it may seem overwhelming at first, you should remember to take things step by step. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect to have a relaxing oasis right away. Start by creating a plan of action and see which elements are needed for your Zen corner. Add them one by one and you’ll still be able to enjoy it along the way. Consider the above pointers and see which ones you want to implement in your Zen oasis to make it cozier and more welcoming.


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