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    Name of the herbs that reduce hair fall

    Has hair loss increased? Hair is getting thinner after all the modern treatments? Hair loss can be increased due to various reasons. For example- environmental pollution, age, stress, smoking, malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, scalp infection, excessive use of hair products, side effects of several drugs, thyroid, autoimmune diseases, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.

    We have about 100,000 normal hairs on our head. In which 50-100 hair loss every day is a very normal occurrence. But if you start reading more than that, it is a matter of concern. In this case, the necessary measures must be taken as soon as possible, otherwise it will not take long for the head to become empty. Let’s find out about 7 herbs that are very effective in reducing hair loss.

    Horse odor:

    Horse odor is one of the natural ingredients that play a special role in preventing hair loss. The antioxidants in this natural ingredient enter the body and begin to change something that causes the hair loss to gradually decrease. Incidentally, this horse odor also plays a special role in reducing hair loss caused by bile defects.

    Aloe vera:

    It contains some enzymes that play an important role in hair growth. As a result, even if the hair falls out, there is no danger of the head becoming empty. The benefits of aloe vera do not end there. The alkaline properties present in it help to maintain the pH level of the scalp. As a result, the rate of hair loss decreases. Apply the same amount of aloe vera gel on the scalp. Wait a few hours and wash your head thoroughly in lukewarm water. By the way, applying Aloe Vera Gel 3-4 times a week in this way is very beneficial.


    Fenugreek is great for preventing hair loss. In fact, some of the ingredients present in it play an important role in hair growth. Whenever you see that the rate of hair loss has increased a lot, soak a little fenugreek seeds in a glass of water for one night. The next day make a paste with the seeds. Apply the paste well on the head and leave it for 40 minutes and wash it off. For a month in a row, if you apply this mixture on your head every day, the hair loss will be less and the dream of full head hair will be fulfilled.


    Many times the infection on our scalp unknowingly takes such a shape that the rate of hair loss increases drastically. In that case, using neem is a great benefit. This is because the antibacterial agents in this natural ingredient play a special role in reducing infections. Boil the amount of neem leaves in four cups of water first. Then cool the water and apply the water well on the scalp. If you do this for a few days, you will see that the benefits have started to match. However, do not use this home method before bathing, but after shampooing, you will get more benefits.

    Oil massage:

    It is important to massage oil every day to prevent hair loss. Doing so greatly increases blood flow to the scalp. As a result, the hair follicles become stronger. And once the hair follicles become strong, hair loss also decreases naturally. In this case you can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or amla oil.

    Onion juice:

    The sulfur in it increases blood circulation in the hair follicles and reduces hair loss in an instant. But last but not least, onion juice has a huge amount of anti-bacterial properties that kill the germs that bind to the scalp. As a result, the risk of hair loss along with scalp infection is reduced. Collect the juice from 1 onion. Then apply the juice directly on the head and massage. Shampoo after 30 minutes. By the way, if you take care of your hair in this way 2-3 times a week, you will get results absolutely hand-in-hand.


    In addition to preventing hair loss, amalki also helps in hair growth in many ways. This is because the vitamin C present in it eliminates the nutritional deficiencies of the hair, as well as improves the health of the scalp. As a result, the tendency to lose hair decreases. Incidentally, hair loss is increased when there is a deficiency of vitamin-C in the body. That is why it is very important to take care that this vitamin deficiency never happens. In this case, first mix 1 teaspoon of mango juice with 1 teaspoon of mango juice. Then apply the mixture well on the hair and leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.


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