Readymade App Like UberEats: Boon for Restaurant Business

Technology has significantly impacted the restaurant business and public dining preferences in the last decade. The public is shifting its preferences primarily regarding where, when, and how they desire to eat. Foods that are tasty, preferably healthy, and conveniently available are what people look for. The result is that people want to order online, pick up and take away, and dine in.

As dining preferences evolve, restaurants actively embrace new technologies to remain competitive. They are abandoning brick-and-mortar restaurants and pen-and-paper menus. In addition, a wide range of technologies is now available to help restaurants achieve maximum efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Do you want to take your restaurant business to another level with a readymade app like UberEats? In that case, the next question is how much does it cost to create a food delivery app? What features and functionalities come with a ready-made solution? 

To understand the background of the UberEats like an app and what exactly makes it popular in the restaurant business. Let’s dive into detail, but before that, it’s worth watching to go through some important stats about online ordering.

Some Digits Portraying the Power of Online Food Ordering

In today’s restaurant industry, a food delivery app like UberEats has come to dominate the market due simply to convenience and profit maximization. The impact on Americans is that 60% of folks order takeout once or twice a week. 

It is a true blessing that food delivery apps are allowing people to order tasty food online. An app like UberEats has created a platform where restaurants and their customers can quickly meet to satisfy their needs. Here are some reasons why a readymade app like UberEats is becoming more popular among startups and restaurants. Have a look at below facts and figures that demonstrate the power of online ordering. 

  • More than 63% of customers agree that ordering food online is more comfortable than dining out with family
  • According to research, UberEats grew by 230% last year, with its average spending more than $220 annually
  • Deliveries and orders through digital channels have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.
  • By 2020, mobile orders are expected to make up nearly 11 percent of all QSR sales.

The above digits convey the power of online ordering, and restaurants now have to embrace readymade solutions like UberEats to stay afloat in the market. Now, let’s understand in detail why restaurants should opt for readymade solutions instead of custom to escalate business growth. 

Readymade UberEats Like App Solution for Your Restaurant Business

A “Readymade Startup Solution” represents an on-demand industry with a high growth rate and attracts many professionals and investors in this field. With the excessive use of smartphone technology and the ease of ordering food online from nearby restaurants, these businesses have overgrown.

Entrepreneurs have become more interested in the food delivery industry thanks to companies like UberEats, Postmates, and Zomato.

Taking advantage of the readymade app solution has made it less demanding for business visionaries to launch their own online food delivery business in less time and manage online orders immediately. It is essential to choose a perfect platform that supports your business model in order to make sure your restaurant business runs smoothly.

Before implementing an app like UberEats for your business, you should consider the following:

  • Does it meet my restaurant business’s needs?
  • Is it SEO-friendly and helps you rank better in Google?
  • Is it easy to manage online orders?

And the list never ends. 

From online ordering to social media integration to real-time order tracking to browsing digital menus, a readymade app like UberEats allows restaurants to accomplish many tasks without any hassle. The major reasons to choose a readymade solution for restaurants are listed below. 

Quick Launch

The process of developing a mobile app from scratch with a wide variety of features can take up to a year. You also need to test each feature individually. However, a ready-made UberEats like app solution requires only a few customizations, and you would have your app ready to go within a few months. It can provide you with an advantage over your competitors in markets where there are a lot of entrants.

Top-notch Unique Experience

The hassle-free experience in all aspects of the on-demand business model, starting with placing an order until you receive the products you ordered, is a major benefit. Once the orders are placed, the service providers immediately notify the product suppliers and delivery partners. Customers will be provided with a unique ordering experience as both companies prepare to meet their rising demands.


Due to the pandemic, the restaurant industry has undergone some major changes. So it is obvious that they are looking for a cost-effective solution to upscale their businesses, and embracing ready-made solutions like UberEats enable them to stay connected with the consumers while increasing profitability. 

Moreover, contactless features and top-notch solutions take less time, money, and resources to deploy in the business. In comparison, the custom solution takes more time and money to develop and integrate. 


Due to a custom app’s complexity and specific requirements, developers may face some new challenges. These bugs can take some time to resolve. Meanwhile, readymade solutions are used by various restaurants, resulting in user-friendly upgrades and improved overall quality.

Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel

UberEats is a popular food delivery app downloaded by millions of users. Now, if restaurants want to have the same solution for their business, they don’t need to brainstorm much, and their customers also prefer to use solutions without any second thoughts. Same feature integration and same user experience enable restaurants to entice more users while saving time. 

The Bottom Line

However, Restaurants are undoubtedly affected by technology; its full impact is bound to reach far beyond any bold predictions. It can be challenging for businesses to adopt new disruptive technologies because they must replace obsolete equipment, rethink legacy processes, and give up the legacy mindset to embrace the changes.

With the evolution of various technologies and customer behavior changes, an app like UberEats is the perfect solution to upscale your restaurant business as it is a very worthwhile experience because this ready-made platform is available at a very affordable cost, thereby eliminating technical/programming complications.


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