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    The Best Hair Transplant Treatment For African American Hairs

    You may not think you’re a good candidate for hair transplant treatment when you have afro-textured hair and have suffered from hair loss or thin hair. But this is possible with Beverly Hills hair restoration surgeons, who are experts in all types of hair textures, including that of African-Americans.
    While some surgeons may feel that thick hair transplantation is a challenge, the experts know better. They consider it the best texture to work on as this procedure takes less time than straight hair.

    Common Causes Of Hair Loss In African-American Ethnic

    While the primary cause of hair loss in most people worldwide is genetic factors, this is not different in African-Americans. However, this ethnicity tends to weave braids, pulling the hair from the root. And this may contribute to hair loss compared to those who don’t do this, causing traction alopecia.
    Generally, chemical relaxers, tying your hair in a tight ponytail, cause tension on the scalp, which results in hair loss. So, this traction alopecia occurs due to repeated trauma to hair follicles.

    Hair Restoration For Afro-Textured Hair

    Two of the most advanced hair transplants include FUE and Strip method, also known as FUT. However, a surgeon must be cautious when performing thick hair transplants to avoid keloid scarring, which is a significant concern in people of color.
    In FUE hair restoration, an experienced surgeon can achieve the best results for curly hair by using tactics like curving the needle during this procedure. And learning this level of curvature prevents transaction, allowing the grafts to come out fully intact.

    One of the favorable facts about African American hair, it takes up more space. That means a physician needs fewer grafts to cover the recipient area. But that’s something that an experienced surgeon such as Beverly Hills hair restoration experts can leverage to achieve the best results. They can also use SmartGraft, an automated process that requires minimal manual interaction and gives excellent results.

    Then in FUT hair transplantation of African-Americans, a surgeon carefully dissects the grafts under a microscope following a precise hair curve of the follicle. He may use several practitioners to ensure he gets the highest-quality results and efficiency.

    In Conclusion

    If you’re an African-American patient and intend to have a hair restoration procedure, you can get your black hair transplant with the best surgeons. Some of these are from Beverly Hills and around the world. So, it’s possible to get your hair restored, whether curly or straight, with an experienced and skilled hair transplant physician. Since it can be a challenging procedure, it’s crucial to consider this before getting started.


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