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    TOGAF Training Certification: What is it and from where can I get it done?

    Once upon a time, the norm was simple. You would get an academic qualification and then embark on your professional journey, to work till you retire at 60. However, that chronology would hardly work in today’s fast-changing global market and economy. The competition is tougher than ever and it’s the survival of the most adaptable and knowledgeable. To keep up with that trend one has to remain consistent in the quest of updating their knowledge and skills. Catering to that requirement are several professional certifications relevant across multiple domains, such as the  TOGAF training and certification.

    TOGAF is one of the leading professional certification courses that we offer at Zoc Technologies, with its demand and enrollment increasing each term. So, to help you understand the basics and benefits of the certification, given under is a brief Q&A trivia on TOGAF. Additionally, we have also discussed what Zoc Technologies has to offer regarding the same, plus details like the  TOGAF certification cost  and likewise.    

    What is TOGAF Certification?

    The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is a methodology based on enterprise architecture. It was developed by The Open Group, an IT organization in 1995. Since 2016, more than 60% of the Fortune 500 companies and 80% of the Global 50 enterprises have been using this framework to execute their internal day-to-day operations. It offers a sophisticated framework for the development of enterprise software and infrastructure. TOGAF uses a systematic approach to organize the process of the development process through:

    • Reduced errors.

    • Adherence to pre-determined timelines.

    • Alignment of IT processes with business units to enhance productivity.  

    • Budgetary statutes maintenance.    

    TOGAF enables business units to define and consolidate the necessary attributes and requirements before the commencement of a project starts. It streamlines the process and helps it to advance as per the timeline with minimum glitches. The use of the TOGAF framework has helped organizations to save time, reduce operational costs, ensure effective utilization of resources, and generation of a greater ROI.    

    What are the Pillars of TOGAF Training and Certification?

    The framework of TOGAF is based on the following four pillars or architectural business domains stated in the latest TOGAF 9.2 version.  

    Business architecture

    It comprises information related to business strategy, organizational infrastructure, governance along with their adaptability within the organization.  

    Data architecture

    It  defines the management and maintenance of data storage within an organization, including the physical and logical data models.

    Applications architecture

    It drafts the outline of the structure and deployment of the application systems. Additionally ensures that the plan aligns with the business goals, core business processes, and other organizational frameworks.  

    Technical architecture

    It demonstrates the relevant software, hardware, and overall IT infrastructure utilized for the development and deployment of business applications within the organization.

    Who can benefit from TOGAF Certification?

    Professionals with the following job-role can benefit from TOGAF certification:

    • Enterprise, business, solution, and infrastructure architects;

    • IT heads;

    • CXOs;

    • Program, project, and delivery managers.

    What are the Advantages of getting a TOGAF Certification?

    • With the ongoing market trend of advanced IT and digital integration within core business processes, the demand for knowledgeable TOGAF professionals is projected to increase in the coming years. It means that there will be more job opportunities for a certified individual.  

    • Being a universal IT infrastructure development and deployment language, it helps professionals to identify the needs of the business better.

    • The  TOGAF certification cost  is quite reasonable, and one can earn it back thanks to the higher pay package that comes after the training and credentials.  

    • Being recognized globally, TOGAF opens doors to overseas job opportunities as well.

    • It helps one to improve their managerial and leadership skills.  

    • It offers the perfect backdrop for one to validate their IT skills and infrastructure building ability.  

    • Last, but not least; a TOGAF certified professional gets the chance to mingle and interact with a global network of elite IT experts.    

    Why should you get TOGAF Training from Zoc Technologies?  

    Zoc Technologies is one of the leading institutes that offer several professional courses, including  TOGAF training  and certification. Over the years, a significant percentage of IT professionals seeking growth in their career have enrolled for training under our advanced module, excelling in the exam followed by certification on the very first attempt. Why we excel as an institute for TOGAF; because we offer:

    • Authorized content and study material that adheres to global standards.

    • A team of experienced and high qualified instructors.

    • Flexible e-learning facility for working professionals.  

    • Career mentoring (exclusively offered by Zoc experts).

    • Reasonably priced training packages.  

    • Resume building services (at competitive rates).

    • 100% passing guarantee.

    There’s a lot more to our professional courses that are best understood when experienced first-hand. Call us to know more about TOGAF certification course enrollment and related details.


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