Top 6 Best Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are thinking of getting into the amazing world of Pokémon, Go but you don’t know where to start and how to get good at it fast, you have come to the right place.

Pokémon Go brought our favorite fictional and animated world of Pokémon into real life. You catch Pokémon, upgrade them, have battles and raids, and visit Poke Stops to buy stuff to perform better as a player. All these things give you a very unique sense of adventure and excitement.

In the following section, you will learn some of the beginner tips and tricks that will allow you to have more fun playing this game and to get a good start on your journey as a Pokémon trainer.

1.     Prioritise Building Your XP:

Try to avoid evolving your Pokémon if you are at a lower XP level. The XP level indicates how much skilled you are as a trainer and with a higher-level comes the bigger rewards and it makes more sense to first reach a level that gives you more XP and then to evolve your Pokémon.

This way even if you upgrade some of the fighters, you will still have something left in your arsenal to use in battles.

2.     Swap Pokémon for Candies:

Candies are needed to evolve Pokémon. If you have some Pokémon that you don’t need or you rarely use, you can transfer them to the professor and get candy.

You can use this candy to upgrade those Pokémon which you rely on the most. This is a win-win situation. Each Pokémon transfer gives you a specific kind of candy that you can use to power up your main Pokémon.

3.     Turn Off AR Mode:

This mode allows you to use the back camera of your phone and GPS to show the Pokémon in real-life place on your phone. Though this sounds fun and to some extent it actually is, it takes a great toll on your mobile device.

It drains more battery, consumes more RAM, and reduces the amount of time you can play the game due to short battery life.

4.     Focus on Gym Battles:

Gym battles earn you coins and when you win a flight like this, you can leave a defender Pokémon there to keep that gym occupied.

Sylvian is a great Pokémon for that purpose and if you are wondering how to get sylvan in pokemon go, you just need to get as many buddy hearts as possible and you are good to go.

5.     Be Captious with Eggs Incubators:

Once you buy some eggs and put them in an incubator, it generates more coins, various Pokémon, and candies for you. This leads to a better XP and greater chances for your Pokémon evolution.

One trick you can use is to only use the infinite incubators for 2km eggs while the 3X ones for 10km eggs. This way you can save time while hatching eggs of your Pokémon. This can also help with evolving Eevee into shiny Sylveon.


6.     Choose Battles Wisely:

Always consider the power level of the Pokémon you are competing against and the XP of the trainer. Losing can have a pretty bad impact on your Pokémon go record.

This is especially important in raid battles where your team up with fellow trainers to fight an extremely strong Pokémon called the raid boss. Unlike gym battles where you have some chance to stand against a strong opponent with lower XP, raid battles should only be fought if you are at a higher level.

Final Words:

You can use the above tips and tricks freely to get better at Pokémon Go in the least amount of time. We really hope that these points work in your favor and you get the most out of playing this exciting game. These proven tricks are sure to take you to a higher XP fast and to make the game more fun and interesting.

Most people choose to go into playing this game recklessly which results in slower progress and little fun.  Follow these points and you will never have to worry about that.


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