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    Why Gojek Clone Is Right For Every On Demand Business?

    The On Demand Multi service business space has been thriving in the last 5 to 7 years. As more and more users are migrating towards digital solutions that can render on demand services, it is evident that the global consumer behavior is in favor of a multi service single app based future. The Gojek Clone app offers just that to its entrepreneurs.

    What Is The Gojek Clone App?

    The Gojek Clone app is a multi service platform that offers entrepreneurs to set up and start off and on demand service based business without actually having to offer any service at all. The app is fashioned after the Indonesian behemoth, the Gojek app, and allows users to access over 70 different kinds of services just with a single download and single log in.

    What is the most interesting fact about the Gojek Clone app, is that as much as it is a very useful tool for the users to be able to locate service providers from their vicinity, it is also an excellent opportunity for service providers to be able to earn maximum money while offering multiple services.

    How Do Service Providers Offer Multiple Services?

    Typically a single service based app would only allow a service provider to offer the type of service for which the app is made. For example, if a driver registers on an on demand online taxi booking app., the only thing that he or she can do is offer taxi services.

    However, the dynamics of this shift entirely in a multi service based app. In an app like the Gojek Clone which offers over 70 different kinds of services, the service provider can register for more than a single service. So a driver here can offer taxi services, along with parcel delivery service, food delivery service, grocery delivery service and so on and so for.

    A tutor can also offer to babysit, or walk a dog if need be. This versatility of the application that allows people to monetize their skill set without having to rely only on a single type of service is one of the biggest reasons why the Gojek Clone has become so popular.

    Is It Really Right For Every On Demand Business?

    The nature of on demand business by definition means the availability or access of service when the need arises. So, for example, if a user feels the need of a taxi, he or she should be able to hire one immediately with the help of the app. Another example could be, when the user feels the need of plumbing services, he or she should be able to immediate hire a plumber using the app.

    This instantaneous nature of gratification is what makes it ideal for any on demand business. The Gojek Clone app allows users to get what they want when they want it without having to undergo tedious registrations or downloads.

    Why Does One App Need To Have So Many Services?

    Well, think of it from the user’s point of you. Downloading and logging into an app is a long and tedious process. Also, no one really needs all kinds of services all at once. People would probably need to hire a taxi today, want to buy groceries tomorrow, hire a babysitter for date night, get a dog walker while their overtime shift, get an electrician and a handyman before Christmas, hire a snow plough in December and so on and so forth.

    Now each time there is a unique requirement, the user does not have to go to their respective app store ad download an application. They can simply use a service that is available in their app that they have registered into once and downloaded long ago.

    The convenience and simplicity that this app offers is perfect for users and service providers alike. With the Gojek Clone app in their smart phones, the users will not desire for anything else. It is safe, clean, simple and most efficient.

    How To Get Your Own Gojek Clone App?

    Ever since the Gojek app became successful, the Gojek Clone apps were available all over the word a dime a dozen. However, not every Gojek Clone available in the market is as clean, efficient and holistic. Some require multiple in app downloads and in app log ins rendering its main USP meaningless.

    Make sure that you only pick the right Gojek Clone app that suits your business demands. An easy way of doing this is by sorting some of the popular names on Google. Once you have short listed about 4 to 5 white label on demand mobile app companies that build and sell the Gojek Clone app, it might be wise to take a free demo of the app for at least a couple of weeks so that you are absolutely sure of where you are putting in your money.

    Another thing that you can do to check if the company that is building your app is reliable or not and to be sure of the quality of the app is to take a look at their previous client testimonials. Testimonials are a great way of getting an idea of exactly what your experience in working with the development team would be like.

    Finally, make sure that you have an honest and clear conversation with the development team of the white label on demand mobile app development company that is building your Gojek Clone App. BE transparent with them regarding your business plans, budgets, hopes and aspirations so that they can help you with all the information that they have on the multi service business foray based on their years of experience in working with global clients.

    On the whole, the Gojek Clone app is right for any and every kind of on demand business. All it needs is a little market research and patience. While the app will be ready to launch and can be monetized in just 4 to 5 business days, giving it adequate time to acclimatize to the current market will go a long way in ensuring your total success.


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