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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stokes fears of politicization of armed forces by saying they would ‘follow his orders’ and take to the streets

Bolsonaro is known for his finger-gun gesture, which he used during the presidential campaign.


On Friday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro gave an interview on TV where he said that had a plan on how to enter the field if they had problems. He said that their armed forces “could one day go into the streets.” These comments have further upset his critics who are already upset by the politicization of the military. Bolsonaro was a far-right former army captain before he became the President. Brazilians are also concerned about a peaceful handing over of power if he loses the next presidential elections that are to be held next year.


Bolsonaro has not handled the coronavirus pandemic well. Brazil has the second highest death toll from COVID-19, after the United States. The hospitals are full, the public health system is collapsing and the people are very upset with the rising numbers of infections and deaths.



A survey, of 88 hospitals across the country, by the National Association of Private Hospitals indicates that richer, private hospitals are also facing low supplies of critical medicines, oxygen, anesthesia and essential drugs.


However, Bolsonaro has been dismissive about the pandemic saying that people die everywhere and using clichés like there is no use “crying over spilled milk.” He has not being serious in handling the pandemic and it has spun out, of control.


The leader of the Senate in Brazil has begun an investigation on how the President has handled the pandemic after a judge passed an order to do so. In January, the Amazonas state ran out of oxygen and an enquiry is now taking place to determine whether the government was responsible for the shortage.


Other recent measures have also raised alarms in the country as Bolsonaro made his former chief of staff the top man in the Defense Ministry. He also reshuffled all the three commanders of the armed forces, a move that brought apprehension among senior military officers.

Bolsonaro has also hinted about election frauds which are baseless allegations just like his political friend the former president Donald Trump. Brazilian are apprehensive of the future as the pandemic continues to sweep through the country and their current president Jair Bolsonaro may or may not relinquish power if he loses the presidential elections next year.

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