Brian Laundrie Gabby Petito Update: Family lawyer updates on autopsy results


The remains of Brian Laundrie, who remains the sole person of interest in the Gabby Petito murder case, were found on October 20. Partial remains including a skull and bones were found in Myakkahatchee Creek Park in Florida. The human remains were found in a patch of grass that had been submerged in storm waters, earlier. Coroners compared the teeth found with Brian’s dental records and concluded that they were his remains.

According to a report in The Sun, investigators with the Florida 12 Medical Examiner said that they could not determine a cause of death, nor could they identify the manner of death. The initial autopsy was also unable to determine the time of death. So, the department sent remains to a forensic anthropologist so that they could determine these factors.

It remains to be seen whether the forensic anthropologist would be able to determine the cause of death and more in the next two or three weeks. They will analyze the human remains and conduct DNA tests. They would also look for evidence of weapon use in order to determine the way by which a person died.

The Sun also reported that the Laundrie family lawyer Bertolino told Fox News, “We will see.” Earlier the lawyer had said that the family was not planning to hold a funeral for their son and that they might cremate the remains, in future after all the investigation were completed.


Earlier, a notebook had been found reportedly near the remains. According to the police, it “may be salvageable.” It could offer clues to the events that unfolded in the recent past. It may also help solve what are still mysteries with reference to both the deaths of Gabby Petito as well as Brian Laundrie.

Although it could take two to three weeks to receive conclusions and information from the remains that have been sent to the forensic anthropologist, investigators are also looking at the lapses by the police in North Holt as they conducted their searches for both Gabby Petito as well as Brian Laundrie.


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