Brian Laundrie-Gabby Petito update: Sleuths decode Laundrie’s Pinterest account for clues


On October 20, the FBI confirmed that the remains that were found in the Carlton Reserve in Florida were those of Brian Laundrie, as per his dental records. Although law enforcement authorities have released sparse details about the remains or the investigation, internet sleuths have continued their digital search to find clues about the entire incident surrounding both Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito.

Gabby Petito was found murdered in Wyoming and the only person of interest in the case was her fiancé Brian Laundrie. Although his remains were found and identified less than two weeks ago, the case has still captured the imagination of internet sleuths.

The cause of death of Laundrie is still unknown and an anthropologist is studying the cause of death. The autopsy that was conducted initially reported that the cause of death was inconclusive.


Internet sleuths have trawled through huge amounts of digital posts. They have found a tattoo that had the letters “DNAR” which means “Do Not Attempt To Resuscitate.” There is also a red cross across a person who is attempting to perform chest compressions on a man. Below this, there is a message which reads, “Doctor, I want to die dignifiedly.”

Internet sleuths have also said that Laundrie could have used a water bottle belonging to Gabby Petito to mix together a cocktail of drugs before he overdosed. A Nalgene bottle was discovered by hikers, a few days after the cops found the remains.

There is no evidence that Laundrie overdosed nor is there confirmation that the bottle belonged to Gabby. However, sleuths think that the bottle is important and that it was her bottle. A similar bottle was seen in a YouTube video posted by Gabby in mid-August. Sleuths say that Brian took it because he knew she was already dead and wouldn’t need it.

Attorney Steven Bertolino, who is not only the Laundrie family attorney but is also the point of contact told The Sun that he didn’t know who had the remains. He said that he was asked to wait for one to two weeks to receive an updated cause of death. He said that a week was over and they might have to wait for another week to get a report about the cause of death.

Source The Sun

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