Britney Spears gets support from Christina Aguilera and others after conservatorship testimony


In a Twitter thread on Monday, Christina Aguilera posted a few tweets in support of her friend Britney Spears after her rare public testimony. Aguilera and Spears had starred together in Mickey Mouse Club. The singer also shared a photo of them taken during their time together in the Disney show. Britney has gone through a tough phase for over a decade as exes, family and others put her through a lot, under the guise of conservatorship.


The Beautiful singer said that she had been thinking of her friend Britney and it was unacceptable that any woman or human who wanted to be in control of their destiny might not be allowed to live the life they wish.


The Fighter singer added that it was the most depleting, devastating, and demeaning thing when people close to a person silence, ignore, or bully or deny support to that very same person. This type of pf damage should not be taken lightly.


Aguilera offered support to her friend and said that her heart went out to her friend BRITNEY who deserved all the “true love and support in the world.”


Last Wednesday, on June 23, Britney gave an over 20-minute testimony filled with angst. She spoke of how she was ill treated by her father James “Jamie” Spears who was her co-conservator. She spoke of being overworked, being medicated with lithium, and stopped from having more children as her conservators refused to let her remove her birth control device.


Britney has rarely spoken in public despite being under conservatorship of her father for 13 years. However, last week all the anguish and mistreatment by her own family poured out as the pop star expressed her emotions to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny.


She concluded her testimony saying that she felt that she was ganged up on; she was bullied, and she was left out and alone. She said that she was tired of feeling alone and that she had the same rights as anybody does “by having a child, a family, any of those things and more.”


The pop star has received tremendous support from a host of other actor’s stars and media personalities and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears. An additional hearing on the issue of conservatorship is scheduled to take place in July.


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