Britney Spears’ staff took away her dogs on allegations of neglect before the accusation that she struck her housekeeper



Britney Spears alleged violent confrontation with her housekeeper was a result of the pop star’s angry response after her dogs were taken away from her according to a report by TMZ on Friday. Sources close to the singer say that her housekeeper and dog sitter were convinced that the dogs were neglected so they took them away while the superstar believes that it was one more attempt by Jamie Spears to control her life.


Sources said that one of the dogs fell ill about two weeks ago. The dog sitter, who is also a nurse, took the sick dog as well as the other dog to the vet. After the checkup she looked after both the dogs herself as she considered Spears’ home to be an unsafe environment.


On August 10, the singing sensation called the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office close to 6 p.m. to report that the dogs had been stolen.


Page Six reported that Captain Eric Buschow said that Ms. Spears had decided not to file a report after the deputies arrived at her home and contacted the security staff. So, the deputies left. He said that they did not take a report or any official action.


Police said that they received another call from the singing sensation’s housekeeper who accused Spears of hitting her due to a conflict over a phone.


TMZ reported that sources told them that Britney had confronted her housekeeper about the issue of the missing dogs. The employee reportedly said that she was worried that they had been neglected. She showed a photo of a dog after it had vomited, as evidence to Britney.


However, Spears believed that the housekeeper had shared the photo with her father Jamie Spears whom she has accused of causing her mental distress and more. She thought that the dog sitter had  taken away the dogs as per his orders.


Britney angrily told the housekeeper never to take photos of her home and they got into an altercation. Britney said that she had just smacked the phone out of the housekeeper’s hand, but the housekeeper said that the pop star had hit her arm and so the phone fell down.


Buschow told Page Six that the housekeeper was not hurt. He said that the police considered it to be a “very minor misdemeanor battery” by Spears for which she was under investigation, and they would determine whether she would be charged for the incident.


Spears’ lawyer Matthew Rosengart told Page Six that it was a “he said, she said” with a cell phone and there was “no striking or no injury.”


Rosengart told the Associated Press that the incident had been “overblown” by sensational tabloids and that anyone could make an accusation and that it should have been closed immediately. On September 29, there will be a hearing on the issue before a Los Angeles court.

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