Cameraman faints during gory scene of celebrity 50 Cent movie Skill House, rapper comments

Reports had earlier mentioned that celebrity rapper 50 Cent would produce and act in horror flick Skill House. One of the scenes shot was so gory that a cameraman filming it fainted and was out cold for 30 minutes. Director Stolberg wrote about the incident on social media and the 47-year old celebrity rapper, who was not present on the set at that time, shared the story on his social media account.

The celebrity rapper 50 Cent said on Instagram Story that they were “elevating horror to the next level” and that the rules of the game would now be changed. He added a hashtag of the movie Skill House. Earlier, he said that the camera fell to the ground while the movie was being shot. He added, “This s- – – is gonna be crazy for real.”

Earlier, celebrity director Josh Stolberg shared his first hand experience of the incident as he was present on the set. The director, whose credits include writing “Spiral,” and “Piranha 3D,” exclaimed “Yikes” and continued by saying that the camera operator was nauseated by the scene and passed out, resulting in the camera crashing to the ground.

The “Jigsaw” writer added that they stopped working for half an hour. He mentioned that the cameraman was ok and told everyone to “get ready for some crazy shit.”

Stolberg, who has written Skill House as well many other classic horror flicks indicated that the film is a satire of the influencer culture that has overtaken social media. The reach of this influencer culture has also caused traditional media and film actors and actresses to embrace it. The celebrity writer has infused classic horror elements into the storyline.

The movie not only stars celebrity rapper 50 Cent but also has other celebrity actors and influencers including Neal Mcdonough, Bryce Hall and others.

The film Skill House is set for a 2023 release, according to reports, although the film producers, cast and crew have given no indication of a scheduled release date. The film, its celebrity director and actors have received advance publicity for the movie with the real life fainting incident of their cameraman.

(Photo Jamie Lamor Thompson )

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