Canada sends special forces to evacuate embassy staff in Kabul, U.S. also sends troops to airlift staff

As America and other western allies left Afghanistan, chaos was an expected outcome. There had been hopes that the various factions in Afghanistan would come together and forge a bond. However, the Taliban has advanced much faster than expected as many Afghan officials have quietly submitted to them or run away or have been defeated. Reports said that the Taliban is just 90 miles from the capital city of Kabul.

In this chaotic scenario both Canada and the U.S. have sent troops and special forces to evacuate embassies and other staff.


On Thursday, U.S. officials said that the Biden administration will send thousands of troops to Kabul, according to a report by the Washington Post. These troops will evacuate American personnel and local allies from the International airport according to the Pentagon and State Department. This move to send troops to evacuate Americans and allies is of immediate importance as the Taliban is rapidly advancing across the country. It has captured 11 provincials capitals so far and is approaching Kabul.

The newest update from intelligence services was that the capital Kabul and its International airport could fall into the hands of the Taliban in 30 to 90 days. However, the likelihood of it falling may be much quicker and that could be the reason for deployment of troops on Thursday.


The Associated Press reported that Canadian Special forces will be deployed to Afghanistan. Staff and Afghan allies will be evacuated, and the embassy is expected to close as the Taliban is gaining ground and would soon reach Kabul.

Earlier this month, a plane load of Afghan refugees reached Canada. The government has tried to evacuate many of its staff who served them in Kabul but acknowledged that many of its local allies would remain in Afghanistan.

A spokesperson for the Global Affairs Department of Canada said that they could not comment on the specifics of the embassy in Afghanistan for security reasons.

The British have also sent troops to evacuate remaining personnel.

As the western nations including the U.S., Canada and Britain leave Kabul and Afghanistan, the local allies they leave behind might suffer the most if the Taliban gets to know who they are as they will be punished for their support to the west.

Meanwhile, Russia and China are looking to ally with Afghanistan. The Chinese have reportedly already began making overtures.


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