Capitol Cops sue Donald Trump for inciting January 6 Riot and causing them Injuries


On Tuesday, two Capitol cops filed their lawsuit against Donald Trump in federal court in Washington. The suit claimed that the insurrectionists had been spurred on by Trump’s conduct over several months which made his followers believe his false allegation that he was to be forced out of the White House as a result of massive election fraud.


One of the cops, James Blassingame is a veteran with 17 years of service in the Capitol police force. He said that he had been injured in the head and back. He also said that he has suffered emotional damage after the riot. African American Blassingame also mentioned that he had to face racist attacks from Trump supporters as they stormed through the Capitol.

The suit mentions that Blassingame is traumatized as he recalls the memories of the attacks and the sensory impact of the assault remain with him to date. He also feels a sense of guilt that he was unable to do more to help the other police officers who were attacked and also feels survivor’s guilt as his colleagues fatally succumbed to the attacks.


Sidney Hemby, another officer with 11 years of service, said that was crushed against doors in the Capitol building resulting in injury to his hand and knee. He said that both his face and body had been hit by chemical sprays. The suit also states that officer Hemby is normally a calm person but has not been able to manage the emotional fallout of the relentless attack on the Capitol.


The suit puts forth many examples of how Trump encouraged the protesters. They have asked for $75,000 each as compensation, plus punitive damages for which no amount has been mentioned.


Trump has maintained that his comments were not responsible for the violent riots. Most of his GOP colleagues in the Senate voted against his impeachment; however, he is facing lawsuits in his personal capacity. He is also facing two lawsuits from two lawmakers: Bennie Thompson, who is a Mississippi representative and chairman of the House Homeland Security and Rep. Eric Swalwell, one of the House impeachment managers.


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