Causes of Dog Fleas

Your dog is as susceptible to dog fleas as any other dog. Dog fleas are parasites that live on the skin of your dog. They may cause harm in such as way that they can bring forth diseases or may cause skin irritations for your pet. Either way, you don’t want them in your dog’s hide. To keep them away, it is very important that you know the possible ways your dog may get infected with dog fleas.

The main reason why your dog has fleas is because it was associated with other dogs that also have fleas. Fleas can’t live anywhere but on their host. Without a host, it will die in two days. However, once it finds one, its life span can reach as long as 115 days. Furthermore, a single female flea can produce up to 30 eggs a day. Just imagine how many fleas it can leave your dog with before it dies.

It is very important that your keep your dog away from stray dogs and other small animals. Know that fleas don’t just infest dogs. They can also live on cats, rabbits, ferrets, and rodents. If your have other pets around the house and one of them has fleas, make sure that they don’t go anywhere near the others. Fleas can easily transfer from one host to another because of their good jumping abilities, despite their small bodies.

Certain fleas are not visible to the naked eye. Others are colored just like the fur of a dog so you can’t possibly see them. To be sure, put a dog flea repellent collar on your pet every time you take it out for a walk. This is especially helpful if you send your pet to a dog park to play. Unless you’re perfectly sure about the dogs your pet comes close in contact with, put the preventive devices or medicines against dog fleas in place.

Dog fleas may also be acquired from unclean surroundings. While your pet doesn’t associated with flea infested animals, merely going to a dog house or a kennel infested with fleas is enough to make your dog infected. Always know where your dog is going. Don’t let it roam the neighborhood without your supervision. You never know where the fleas may be. They could start jumping on the fur of your dog and leave your pet very uncomfortable

Dog fleas are small parasites that you don’t want your pet get infected with. While it is rarely a serious problem, you don’t know how much damage these minute creatures can leave your pet with. Skin rashes are the simplest problem you may deal with. Much more serious problems can surface later, especially if you tend to ignore the flea problem your pet is suffering from.


Let your dog freely roam without having to worry about dog fleas by giving it medications, vaccines, or anti-flea devices. All dogs are susceptible to fleas. The problem could be much worse for dogs with longer fur as the parasites can dig deeper into it, making it almost impossible to eliminate them all.

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